Tristate U19’s Saturday SL Training, Sunday SL @ Ski Sundown

Saturday, February 8th – SL Training on Catamount

Please meet at the Quad @ 8:25am to warm up & stretch as a group. Take a warm up run towards Catamount and practice one ski skiing on the flat and Elephant Hops down the pitch with a pole plant. Cycle around until the course is ready to inspect. Any U19’s interested in helping Sonia, Charles, Doug and I set, please contact us through Remind and be ready for early load @ 8am.

Sunday, February 9th – SL Race @ Sundown

Just a reminder that registration ends at noon tomorrow!  Make sure to register at Here’s the info for the race!  Ski Sundown SL info.  Let’s meet up in the Great Room under the 2nd floor.

See you on the hill!

Coach Pat

“Ski Fast…Take Chances…”

Tristate U16/U19 Impromptu SL Practice Tomorrow and U19 Jiminy Peak Double Header!

Hey U19’s!

Coach Sonia, Coach Chris DiVecchio and Coach Mark will be at the mountain tomorrow afternoon around 4pm to set a practice SL course on Catamount. Please let Coach Sonia know via Remind if you plan on training tomorrow.

Also just a reminder the U19 Qualifier Double Header is this coming weekend at Jiminy Peak! Below is a link to the message we received from

Jiminy Peak Race Info

Also a reminder to have your edges sharpened and bases waxed, scraped and buffed!  Check out the hourly temperatures to give a general guide to the type of wax you should use. Foodie, Sylvie Cohen, has chosen Hotel on North in Pittsfield for dinner on Saturday night @ 6:45/7pm. Please contact her to let you know you are coming.  917-756-8255   297 NORTH STREET, PITTSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!  

Coach Pat  

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Using the Terrain Park Properly

Hi Everyone,

I received notice from Geoff Romero today, head of Snow Sports, that many of our Red jackets have been spotted using the terrain park improperly.

Racers are absolutely welcome in the terrain park as much as riders and the public. However we need to review and reiterate to our racers, proper terrain park use and flow.

Terrain park managers work very hard daily to maintain the exact slope and pitch of the ramps up to our features to ensure the safest possible launch and landing to rails boxes and jumps.

More specifically, when skiers / riders intentionally hit ramps off center avoiding the rail or box this quickly deteriorates the ramp itself. Leading to constant maintenance which shuts down the use of that feature for a period of time.

The park manager is working to put in place smaller ramp / jumps without boxes or rails that our younger terrain park users are more confident using.

Please discuss this with our racers. Thank you for reading and respecting our terrain park.

U19 Parent Volunteers to B-net Lower Alley Cat @ 8:30am!

Hey Parents!

Can you please contact me ASAP that you are able to help set B-netting tomorrow on Lower Alley Cat so I can put you in teams with the Race Crew? Please board the Quad @ 8:30am and wait at the Pump House until a Race Crew member takes you on their B-net team. If you see any rolls of B-netting in the flat off Sidewinder, please bring it down to the start.

Thanks in advance for your amazing help!!!

Coach Pat

(914)882-1403 (c) or on Remind or

“Many Hands…Light Load”

Racing Recap and Plans for 1/25 and 1/26


With the recent fantastic snow making weather , and a full schedule of races, we have really moved headlong into the thick of the competition season and have a lot to look forward to this weekend.

For starters, those who will not be away racing will finally have the chance to  light up some turns on our new amazing trail Ripper, which along with Catapult is scheduled to open this weekend. We can’t wait to get out there to check it out.

We’ve got a number of races going on for our athletes this weekend, with the U12-14’s trekking over to the other side of the state for a MASSRA  GS at Wachusetts, on Saturday while the U16’s will be heading south to Bruce’s neck of the woods to for a Tri-State Slalom at  Mt. Southington.  On Sunday, a number of U16’s and 19’s will also be making their way to Wachusetts for a GS. Unfortunately, this race filled up faster this year than had ever been experienced before and consequently some of our kids were shut out.  Finally, on Sunday the Interclubbers will finally kick off their competition season with a Combi at Butternut. For many Interclubbers and their parents, this will be their first race. We are excited for you to discover the wonder s of Race Day. We have been really impressed by how hard all the kids and coaches  have been working and even more impressed by the sheer amount of fun that they are having.

Good luck to all of our racers on Race day!!

Saturday training will consist of the U19’s running GS on Alley Cat on Saturday, and Interclub practicing on  a Combi and doing SkillsQuest drills Catamount Slope to get ready for their event at Butternut the next day.

On Sunday, the  U16’s and 19’s who did not get into Wachusetts will be  training SL on Catamount Slope, and the U12-14’s will be training GS on Alley Cat.

In order for the U19’s and U12-14’s  to train GS on Alley Cat it is essential that we set plenty of BNET on the hill. Although there will be coaches and race crew on hand it is still a laborious task and we could really use Parent Volunteers to assist. Please do not be shy about jumping in to help out  early on Saturday morning at 8:30 and again Sunday afternoon to help pull it down.

We are all looking forward to seeing you all for another fantastic weekend.

Ski fast, have fun!

Bruce & Colin

Tristate U19 GS training Saturday; GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday; Remaining U19’s SL training Sunday!

Hey Parents and Racers!

It’s been an incredibly busy few weeks for me personally and I have to apologize for my sparse posts. I just want all the parents and racers to know just how grateful I am of all of your hard work and willingness to pitch in whether its showing up on time, volunteering to video at races, breaking down and slipping courses and of course B-netting. The upside of getting all of the new fencing is that the safety factor for all of our children has gone way up. The downside of course is … well you know.

This Saturday the U19’s will be alone on Lower Alley Cat with only Colin, Bruce, Doug, Troy and the Race Crew to set the course and put up almost 30 panels of B-netting. We can really use everyone’s help in setting up the fencing. Can parents please help us with this huge task by boarding the Quad @ 8:30am, dragging rolls of B-netting to the start, and/or grabbing a drill from the pump house and in teams of 2 or 3 help with setting up B-netting? Colin & Bruce have gotten the ok to leave the fencing up overnight for the U12’s/14’s so that they can train on Lower Alley on Sunday. Your continued effort & support inspires me to work even harder for us.

GS training Saturday on Lower Alley Cat

Please bring your GS gear and meet at the Quad at 8:25am to warm up/stretch & take a warm up run!  Swing by the start to check with Doug, Troy, Colin & Bruce to inspect

GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday

Check in begins at 7:30am.  Please click here for race day details

SL training Sunday on Catamount

Please bring your SL gear and meet at the Quad at 8:25am to warm/stretch & take a warm up run! Swing by the course to check with Pat, Doug, Troy & Mark to inspect.


Coach Pat

“Many Hands…Lighter Load”

MLK Weekend Plan (SAT1/18, SUN1/19, and MON1/20)

Dear Parents and Coaches,

After a couple of years hiatus the Catamount Team Social at the pub is back by popular demand!!

Saturday, 1/18, 8:30a-2p Tristate training, 9a-2p Devo and Interclub training. 2p-3p Tristate and Interclub Coaches clinic.

3:00-5:00pm – Team Social for Parents/Coaches (and kids who don’t want to ski) Following training and coaches clinic join our race coaches and parents at the Catamount pub for some grub/drinks, conversation and live music!Ian Campbell will be playing covers from your favorite songs and there will be night skiing for the kids. Please join us if you can! If you have any questions about the “Social” please email Coach Sonia (

Sunday 1/19, Open Mountain Training, Tristate racers (830a-3p), Interclub Raers (9a-230p) Tristate U14 away at eagle brook.

Monday 1/20, Gate training for Tristate racers (830a-3p), Interclub Raers (9a-230p)

Bruce and Colin