20/21 Race Season Updates

As the season continues to draw closer, we wanted to reach out to update you on what’s new at Catamount.
REGISTRATION. For starters, registration for the upcoming season is up and running. You can log on and register at https://catamountski.com/winter/racing Please note that discounted rates are in effect until October 31. You can pay 50% of program fees now and 50% any time before December 1.
MILES HUMBAUGH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Those who are experiencing financial issues and may need help to continue ski racing, can apply for a scholarship from the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund to help offset the cost of program fees. You will find a link on the Catamount Race Team page above to download the application. Please note that the deadline to submit confidential applications is October 15. Those who wish to donate to this wonderful cause may do so when they register for the season. Look for the link on the website. Thank you to Erin and Matt Humbaugh and their family for establishing this fund in loving memory of their son Miles, a beloved member of the Catamount family, who passed away this summer. Thank you also to the many people who have donated money and raised funds for the memorial fund. We are deeply grateful for the bottomless generosity of our Catamount Family.
NEW START HOUSE. We continue to plan for the upcoming season. These are ever-changing but exciting times at Catamount. Last week, the mountain broke ground on the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Start House near the top of the Catamount Slope. The start house will be a thing of wonder. It is being built on graded, elevated earth, with a rear entrance on the uphill side, into which the athletes will enter prior to firing down the hill and onto the course. Our racers will be sheltered from the elements while they wait in the start house for their turn to rip it. In addition to the interior, tunnel-like start, it will also have two exterior start ramps, and room inside for storage and an office. It will be unlike anything else in the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing area. This jewel was made possible by the generous donations to the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund, the Schaefer Family, architect and race dad Mark Maljanian, Rich Herrington and Herrington’s Lumber, Race Crew member and builder John Mueller, and the efforts of the incomparable Karin Tanenbaum. Thank you all.
UPGRADES. Other notable improvements for this season are the expansion of the Glade Chairlift, and the clearing of trees to widen the slopes and improve traffic flow. If you stop by the mountain you may catch a glimpse of Colin out on the hill on a bulldozer or excavator, moving earth and removing trees.
FOOD AND DAY LODGING. We are pleased to announce that management and Mountain Ops are busy planning the construction of 50 heated bungalows throughout the base area , each capable of holding 6-8 people comfortably. The bungalows will be available for daily rental for a modest fee, in an amount to be determined as we get closer to ski season. A forward thinking solution to the anticipated COVID restrictions on lodge usage this season. We are also planning on having food trucks on hand in the parking and/or base area to feed the masses.
We will continue to update you as things change and we know more. We cannot wait to get back on the hill with all of you!
Stay safe and be well. See you on the slopes!

Bruce and Colin

SYNC Team Orders 2020-21

We understand everyone still has many questions regarding the coming racing season. The federal and state authorities, the US Ski and Snowboard, the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Association (TSASRA), and Catamount’s management are all working to provide answers soon. Since orders take time, we have decided to open the Catamount Racing SYNC Store in preparation for the 2020-21 season.

SYNC Performance - Custom

We will place three (3) bulk orders: early September, mid-October and early November. The November order may not arrive until early January. Plan accordingly, and please note that embroidered items cannot be returned or exchanged.

Catamount Racing SYNC Store is OPEN! Visit the link, use the dropdown menu, select “Catamount Racing“, and enter password catamount2020.

See you all very soon!

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online

Hi Gang,

I hope that everyone is doing ok as we all cope with the challenges of getting through this pandemic. It seems like forever since we have seen you.

Although Ski Seasons light years in the future, it really will be here before we know it. It is never too early to prepare to hit the ground in top physical and mental shape. We know that it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused, especially for those of you who are used to going to Mt. Hood or elsewhere to train on snow in the summer. Fortunately for us, our friends Doug and Kelley Lewis from Eliteam have put together a fantastic summer program to help you work hard this summer so that you can achieve your goals come this winter. I don’t know anybody who can a better job of motivating young athletes than Doug – he is simply legendary. And they are making it possible for the coaches to follow your summer training!  This is also a good way to bond through the magic of the internet with your teammates.

Please take a look at the flyer attached and if it looks worthwhile to you sing up to join Doug and Kelley this summer to achieve for optimum level of fitness. Please note the 30% discount if you sign up before May 15.  If you do decide to sign up, please let Colin and I and your other coaches know so that we will be sure to follow you.

Safe safe, be well and have a great summer.

Bruce and Colin

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online

Tristate U19’s – A mixed ending to a great season

Hey U19’s!

It’s with mixed feelings that I write our season wrap up. On one hand, we had numerous racers qualify for U19 Eastern Finals @ Gore only to have the season abruptly end and the event cancelled suddenly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, we had great highlights as recently as our speed training on Upper & Lower Alley Cat & End of the Season Party. As we hunker down with closed schools, long lines/limited supplies at the grocery stores and the isolation “social distancing” creates, I’d like to highlight some of the great things that happened this past season with our amazing U19 Race Family.

U19 Eastern Finals @ Gore

Congratulations to the following on qualifying for U19 Eastern Finals this year! It was the result of all of your dedication and hard work this season!

Girls Emily Chudy, Clare Howard, Delphine Cohen, Winnie Mann, Frannie Mann, Ava Amuso & Chloe Gagnon (alt)

BoysDax Roy, Hayden Claussen, Ethan Leifer, Henry DiVecchio, & Oliver Thompson

Tristate End of the Year Party hosted by Colleen & John Manning

Big thanks to the Mannings for hosting the End of the Season Party, taking over the tradition from the Cashens, as Chris and his family deal with his torn ACL/lmeniscus. Thanks to Coach Troy, Coach Doug & Coach Mark for their input with the paper plate awards. If you weren’t able to come to the party just let me know and I’ll send you your paper plate award and Catamount Racing swag courtesy of the Parent Association. Thank you Winnie and Frannie for your awesome video! Perhaps you could upload it on Sprongo on our team page?

End of the Season Racer Evaluations

Your coaches have completed your evaluations for the 19-20 season. Please contact me through Remind to give me the email you would like to be shared the document otherwise it will be shared with your parents’ registered email. I’ve changed the format this year back to include coach feedback with an additional space to give your own. Your feedback will help to improve our training next season!

Congratulations on your hard work this season!

On behalf of all the U19 coaches, I’d like to extend a hearty congrats to everyone for their hard work this past season.  We’ve seen some great improvement in every racer on the team.  Some of you really worked on your “mental game”, while others were working on their carve on steeper terrain.  Some racers really improved your commitment of weight to the outside ski, while others worked on earlier pressure before the fall line and earlier release just after the fall line.  Some of you really improved your SL clearing technique while others really improved your pole plants which also helped your timing.  It was great to see is how motivated you all were and with such positive attitudes that you brought to the mountain every day of training.  It inspired us to work that much harder for you.

Thanks so much to Ski Patrol, Steve and the race crew for all of their help and organizing; bringing gates and B-netting up to the top of Upper & Lower Alley Cat and Race Slope as well as their help in setting up and breaking down fencing and courses. I know that we all appreciate how much the safety factor for all of our racers has improved this season.

Thanks so much to our volunteer photographer & videographer, Raphael Kummer-Landau. Not only did he video many of our practices to be posted on Sprongo.com, but he set up an account on Smugmug (password: “catamount”) and uploaded close to 5,000 photos from the entire season. If you haven’t already, please consider contributing $10 or more for his work. Look for his account name: “@raphaelkl

Big thanks to Coach Colin & Coach Bruce for their leadership and “make things happen” attitude that’s enabled us to have a such a great season.

And finally a special thanks to the parents of our team.  You took care of registrations, drove to the mountain early in the morning and late at night, made sure that equipment was taken care of and ready for training and races, video’d our races, volunteered to set up and break down B-netting and courses (even in the rain!).  It is your support and help that makes our program possible!

Cheers to a great season and to the next! Take care of one another and be safe.

Coach Pat : )

Catamount and Berkshire East Closed for the Season

Catamount has officially announced this morning that the decision has been made to close for the season. This decision has been made by John Schaefer, and is in direct relation to recently confirmed cases of  COVID19 in our region.  In corporation with recommendations from the CDC. Catamount and Berkshire East will be closing to prevent further spread of illness.  John notes that as his father lies in the high risk demographic and would advise him against visiting either location.  As the GM of both Catamount and Berkshire East John cannot, in good conscious, recommend others visit at the risk of possible exposure.  In order to do his part the decision to close for the season has been made final.  A reopen date for summer activities will be made is the near future.

Unfortunately that does mean that the tristate training at catamount this weekend has been canceled. There will be no additional training held at Berkshire East.  We apologize for the inconvenience for those still planning to attend away events.  As this is related to the COVID19 pandemic we recommend that all of our racers and racer families stay tuned to our webpage and those of post season event mountains for any changes regarding these events that may arise.

Thank you,

Catamount Racing

Training Plans 2/28 through 3/1 (subject to changes)

Abbreviations for Clarification:
IC-Interclub RS – Race Slope SL- Slalom
TRI- Tristate                            UCS-Upper Cat Slope GS- Giant Slalom
LCS-Lower Cat Slope PASL- Parallel Slalom
UAC-Upper Alley Cat
LAC-Lower Alley Cat

FRIDAY 2/28/20
5-8:00 pm TRI-U12/14: Coach: Chris Cashen, RACE slope SL
5 -8:00 pm TRI U16/19: Coach: Bruce Diamond, CAT slope SL course
 SATURDAY  2/29/20
-EARLY LOAD -7:45am quad chair: U14 and U19 Coaches 
                         -8am double chair: IC Coaches
IC: U/L Cat Slope GS course (Some IC racers at U12 Championships GS Sundown)
TRI U12: Away – U12 Championships GS Sundown
TRI U14: UAC Skills
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: LAC GS from flats above Pump House down -Extended session 9:00-12:00
IC: U/L Cat Slope GS course (Some IC racers at U12 Championships GS Sundown)

TRI U12 : Away – U12 Championships GS Sundown
TRI U14: LAC GS from flats above Pump House down – Extended session 12:15-3:00
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: Skills – Location to be determined
 SUNDAY 3/1/20  
(EARLY LOAD, Quad Chair 8am)
IC: Away – Away Bosquet (Some IC racers at U12 Championships SL at Mt. Southington)
TRI U12: Away – U12 Championships SL Mt. Southington
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
IC:  Away – Bosquet
TRI U12 : Away – U12 Championships SL Mt. Southington
TRI U14: LAC SL and Skills (Shared hill with U19’s)
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: LAC SL and Skills a (shared hill with U14’s)

U16 Jackets and Hoodies & Champs

Racers and parents, attached are flying for those interested in jackets and/or hoodies for the season. The ordering information is on the flyers.

If you have not registered yet for U16 Champs next weekend, please do so soon so we have a clear headcount for the race. It’s always a great weekend. Please visit Admin Ski Racing. Registration closes Wednesday night and Jiminy Peak will NOT accept late registration.

See you there!

Training Schedule for 2/2, 2/22, and 2/23

Abbreviations for clarification: IC-Interclub
                                                      TRI- Tristate
                                                      UAC-Upper Alley Cat
                                                      LAC-Lower Alley Cat
                                                      UCS-Upper Cat Slope
                                                      LCS-Lower Cat Slope
                                                      SL- Slalom
                                                      GS- Giant Slalom
                                                      PASL- Parallel Slalom
FRIDAY 2/21/20
5-8:00 pm TRI-U12/14: Coach: Karin, Chris, and Shiau-Sing, Race Slope SL
5 -8:00 pm TRI U16/19: Coach: Bruce, Sonia, CAT Slope SL course

 SATURDAY  2/22/20
-EARLY LOAD -7:45 am quad chair: : U12/14 and U16-19 coaches. Also, IC coaches who
will be training w/ TRI for Championships
                          7:45 am double chair: IC Coaches
IC: Race Slope – SL drills, brushes, stubs, tall gates, etc ** NOTE: Gates, etc. must be
pulled and hill slipped completely smooth before Ripper Opens to the public at 11:30**
TRI U12 & IC who are going to Championships: UAC SL ( UAC am only, pm LAC)
TRI U14: Championships BEAST
TRI U16: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
TRI U19: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down

IC: CS (skier’s right), SL (brushes, SL and/or GS gates, skills development)
TRI U12 : LAC SL Sharing hill with U16/U19’s ( separate lanes) from ½ down pitch
TRI U14 Championships BEAST
TRI U16: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
TRI U19: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
** LAC to be cleared and slipped completely smooth by 4:00 **

 SUNDAY 2/23 (EARLY LOAD, Quad Chair 7:45 am)
IC: Away – Away Otis
IC U8 UCS – drills, brushes, stubbies, etc.
TRI U12: LAC GS sharing course with U16’s,
TRI U16: LAC GS Sharing course with U12’s
TRI U19: Away – BSQ SL
IC:  – Away Otis
IC U8 UCS – drills, brushes, stubbies
TRI U12 : LAC GS with U16’s
TRI U16: LAC GS with U12’s
TRI U19: Away BSQ SL

U19+ Race Announcements: Bousquet 2/23 and Berkshire East 3/8

Hey all! This is from Mark Colman, our resident Tristate U19+ Chair:

To U19+ Athletes, Parents and Coaches:

A reminder that the final qualifying race of the season is this Sunday 2/23 at Bousquet, and this will be your last chance to improve your standings. The program is attached and on the Tri-State website. Please check that you’re registered before the late fee applies Thursday at noon.



As previously mentioned, due to the many race re-schedulings and some field size limits, qualification for the U19+ Eastern Finals at Gore (March 19-22) will now be based on the best 2 results, not 3. Preliminary rankings including the Blandford Parallel SL are attached and posted on the Tri-State website. While PSL is not scored for USSS points this season, we used it for internal ranking purposes since Gore plans to include a PSL event. 


Tri-State has 42 guaranteed quota spots, which will be equally split by gender. We typically receive another dozen spots, so some alternates should be included. Final rankings will be posted early next week, with a confirmation requested by March 2. Team jackets (picture attached) will also be available for ordering. 

Looking ahead, Berkshire East will be hosting an open SL race on Sunday March 8. While this isn’t a qualifier for the post-season, it is scored and will be a great chance to stay in race mode over the next month. 


Good luck and ski fast. 

Mark Colman

U19+ Competition Chair