Tristate U16 Championships this weekend!!!

Hey U16’s!

Just a reminder that U16 Championships are this coming weekend at Jiminy Peak! Registration ends Thursday, February 21st at midnight!  For details, click here.

SL will be on Saturday and GS will be on Sunday however, the mountain may switch days depending on the weather so make sure that you bring all of your equipment just in case!  Also a reminder to have your edges sharpened and bases waxed, scraped and buffed!  Check out the hourly temperatures to give a general guide to the type of wax you should use.

Some of the parents have mentioned Patrick’s pub in Pittsfield for dinner on Saturday night (like we did last year).  Perhaps someone could take charge of this?  
Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!
Coach Pat
“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Congratulations Tristate U16’s @ Bousquet SL!!!

Congratulations to all of our racers who raced at Bousquet last weekend!

Special recognition of Alex Gagnon on his podium 3rd place finish and Yanni Schattman on his 5th place finish!  What a great day of racing as we had 3 boys finish top 20 (Alex Gagnon, Yanni Schattman & Greg Levin) and 3 girls finish top 20 (Clare Howard, Delphine Cohen & Frannie Mann), and great improvement from all of our racers!  Just in time for Tristate Champs @ Jiminy on 2/23 (SL).

Keep up the great work!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16’s (and U19’s) parallel paneled SL training Sat/Blandford parallel paneled SL make up race Sun

Hey U16’s (and U19’s)!

Saturday, February 16 – parallel paneled SL Training on Race Slope

We will be training SL on Saturday. Please warm up at the Quad @ 8:25am as a group and head up for your warm up run and swing by to inspect the course when it’s ready.  If any racer is interested in helping Charles and I set the course, please contact me asap on Remind!  We’ll take 2 racers with us to help set our course.

Sunday, February 17 – make up parallel paneled SL Race @ Blandford

Registration ends tonight @ 11pm!  Click here for details:

Race Day registration starts at 7:00am usually in the lodge to the left (as you face the mountain).  Let’s meet in the main lodge to the right where the cafeteria is located.

If you’d like to stay overnight before the race, there’s a Holiday Inn Express in Westfield that has hot breakfast and a pool!

TSARA U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak on Saturday 2/23 & Sunday 2/24

Registration is now open on and ends at midnight on Thursday, February 21.  Click here for details:

There may be some training opportunities @ Catamount from 2/18-2/22!  – Please see Steve Adams

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16’s Bousquet SL & Weekend Update!

Hey U16’s!

Saturday, February 9 – Bousquet SL

Just a reminder that registration ends at noon tomorrow!  Make sure to register at Here’s the info for the race!  bousquetSLRaceInfoSheet2019.  Let’s meet up on the upper floor where registration is.

Sunday, February 10th – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat

In preparation for the U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak (GS on 2/24), we will train GS on Lower Alley Cat.  Make sure to remove your chin guard and bring your GS skis/poles!  Please meet Coach Charles at the Quad at 8:25am sharp to warm up.

I’ve been very disheartened in our racers’ tardiness these past few weeks.  The coaches and I work extremely hard at getting to the mountain earlier so that we can make the most of our limited training window on Lower Alley Cat (gate training ends @ 12 noon)  If you truly love what we do, get your racers to the mountain on time and make sure your racers are out at the Quad at 8:25am!!!

Parent volunteers!  We can really use your help with rolling B-Netting at 12 noon!  Please report to the pump house at the top of Lower Alley Cat at 12 noon!

See you this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 Wachusett GS race & weekend training update!

Hey U16’s!

Wachusett Mountain GS

Another great GS race at the Wachusett Mountain last Sunday for Team Catamount!  Congratulations to Alex Gagnon for his 7th place finish, Greg Levin for his 10th place finish and Clare Howard for her 8th place finish for U16’s!

GS & SL training this weekend

This Saturday we will be training GS on Lower Alley CatSunday we will be training SL on Lower Alley Cat in preparation for our SL race next Saturday @ Bousquet.  Please be ready to meet your coach at the Quad @ 8:25am on both days!  Please bring your GS & SL skis and equipment for the weekend.

Jiminy Peak U19 SL & GS

Any U16 going to this race should pair up or inspect in groups and check in with Coach Mark and/or Coach Ken at different key spots in the course.  Since you will be missing SL training, have a goal for the day; race and free ski with a purpose.

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 & U19 Paneled SL @ Blandford postponed to 2/17! GS training Saturday and GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday!

Hey Parents and Racers!

Blandford Race on Monday

I emailed Coach Gretchen Sonju, the Tristate U16 Chair and Bill Scherpa from Blandford to ask about the timing of the cancellation.  Unfortunately, races cannot be cancelled ahead of schedule and the race jury must be present on site to make that determination (in this case they were at the mtn at 7am).  In the future, they will consider delaying the registration so that more people can get the message of cancellation/postponement in time.  (Unfortunately it wouldn’t have helped me as Hayden and I left White Plains at 5am!)  The race has been postponed to Sunday, February 17th.

GS training Saturday on Lower Alley Cat

Please bring your GS gear and meet with your coach (TBA) at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  Timing will be set up and we’ll see who’s Queen/King of the Hill for the day!

GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday

Be sure to register before midnight on Thursday!  There is NO late or walk-in registration offered.  Check in begins at 7:30am.  Please click here for race day details.  Many of the racers and their families will be staying at the DoubleTree in Leominster (15min from the mtn) on Saturday night.  Bring your swimsuit as it has a pool!

See you at the mountain!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Volunteers Needed Catamount IC Race

We have had a limited response to our request for volunteers. Those who have reached out thanks but we need more support for the interclub race.

Catamount host’s its Interclub Race on February 3rd. It is may be the biggest race of the season as Catamount attendance is very high.

Being able to have a home race really helps our kids as they will have the opportunity to train on the race hill and there is a large comfort factor. It is something our Tristate racers unfortunately have to live with out. Hopefully that will change next year.

Holding this race, as with all the races, is dependent on volunteers. Many of these volunteers you may never see such as the Chief of Race and Referees, which require certification, but many of the positions rely on parent volunteers.

Right now I am drawing up the volunteer lists: We will need people to act as gatekeepers, run scoreboard, registration, take bibs and set up the awards. You do not have to have any experience. We will also provide written instructions to Gate Keepers.

Please help recruit your fellow parents. The more people we have the better the race will be and we can break things down into shorter shifts.

please contact me at
Peter Chudy

Tristate U16 & U19’s Sunday training & Monday race update!

Hey U16 & U19 racers and parents!

With the impending weather, formal training tomorrow is likely to be cancelled.  Instead, Coach Charles has generously offered (who are we kidding???  he’s there for the fresh pow!!!) to meet any racers at 9am to freeski and learn to make patience turns in the powder.

I’ve contacted Bill Scherpa from Blandford for more information regarding the impending temperatures for the race.  Monday’s race has been postponed to 10am START!!!  Registration is still at 7:30am, inspection begins @ 8am.  I will let you know if there are any other changes to the race.

Great practice today everyone!  We saw some awesome skiing (and double punching!) from EVERYONE!!!

Ski you later,

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Congratulations U16’s on SL @ Mohawk! SL & Paneled SL training Saturday and Sunday! Paneled SL Race @ Blandford on Monday!

Hey U16’s!

Congratulations on your 1st SL race at Mohawk!!!  We had a top 10 finisher in both Girl’s and Boy’s races!  Clare Howard finished 9th with a combined time of 1:57:61 and Alex Gagnon finished 9th with a combined time of 1:48:51.  Congratulations to all of our racers.  There was so much confidence in their runs and they handled the Royal Flush at the end of the 2nd run like pros!!!

Saturday – SL Training & Paneled SL Training – Lower Alley Cat 

Be prepared to train SL and Paneled SL on Lower Alley Cat on Saturday.  Please meet Coach
at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  You will warm up until the courses are ready.  Training on Lower Alley Cat will run from from about 9am – 12noon.  Single pole SL on the upper pitch of Lower Alley Cat.  Bring your forearm guards for the paneled SL at the bottom of Lower Alley Cat.

Sunday – Head to Head Paneled SL on Race Slope!

Be prepared to train Dual Paneled SL on Race Slope on Sunday.  Please meet your coach (TBA) at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  You will warm up until the courses are ready.  Training on Race Slope will run in the AM ONLY and all parents, racers and coaches have been requested to meet with Jim Schaefer and Colin Bargar in the Taconic Lodge after the morning session for a general meeting regarding the direction of racing at Catamount.

Monday – U16/U19 Paneled SL Race @ Blandford

Just a reminder that registration for this race ends at 11pm Friday night!!!  Make sure to go to to register for the race. (the event is listed as “Ski Blandford U19 Parallel Slalom.”

Registration starts at 7:30am usually in the lodge to the left (as you face the mountain).  Let’s meet in the main lodge to the right where the cafeteria is located.  I’ve emailed Bill Sherpa from Blandford for more information about race day.

If you’d like to stay overnight before the race, there’s a Holiday Inn Express in Westfield that has hot breakfast and a pool!

See you at Catamount this weekend and at the race!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Message from Catamount Parents Association

I have delayed the start of the year messages given some significant changes that have developed. I hope you have seen the email from the new owners regarding the status of changes at Catamount. As many of you know the events of last week were not well communicated which was not the intention.

This Sunday, Tom, Rich and Jim Schafer will address the parents at noon. Transitions are painful but I have strong confidence that Catamount and especially racing will make great strides. Let us not forget how difficult this business is. Blandford folded and did not open last year. Luckily, Butternut’s ownership stepped in and they are back. Bousquet is for sale and only just opened. For the last two years our race league has had to make massive scheduling changes do to aging infrastructure at the Ski Areas. I will not that Berkshire East has stepped in to ensure races occurred. That is no small task.

As you can see from their message our new owners are very committed to racing and their family has a very strong racing history. We were looking to get lower Alley Cat homologated for TriState racing this year when the transaction occurred. It was going to take an exceptional approval to pass it for SL. This was held back over concerns on the trails narrowness and safety. There was not enough time to make the changes for this year but now the discussion is on widening it and having it homologated for FIS races from top to bottom. Once this happens, we will have the best race venue is TriState. (No offense to the great trail at Berkshire East)

As we deal with some immediate uncertainties, we are in the middle of race season and need to keep moving forward. We need to start planning for our Interclub race on February 3rd. This only happens with significant volunteer support from parents. We will go out with a separate request for volunteers.

We had the largest Interclub Pizza Social ever. I would like to thank Jamie Cheney for her efforts on organizing that and our new Facebook communications platform.

We held our own USSA Level 100 coaching certification managed by Mark Colman, Bruce Diamond, and Heather Dohr.

Six seasons ago that Jon Nolting came out from USSA headquarters in Park City to run a level 100 program at Catamount. In the previous few years Catamount’s Interclub program had more than doubled in size and the TriState program was expanding significantly. We were struggling to find experienced coaches and we had the Parents Association offer to pay for USSA training fees to help coaches develop skills. Over the last six years we have spent over $8,000 on coaches training. We have finally come full circle where we have three outstanding Coaches who have worked their way up to Level 300 and can manage our own in house certification

You may have heard of MAASRA being created. This is a new organization that is working to combine the efforts of Eastern and Western Mass. components of TriState. Some of this effort has been developed over the difficult negotiations related to the Piche Invitational. It has become more important as Eastern Mass has lost host mountains and has been reduced effectively to Wachusset’s large program. This year the U12/14 series will combine east and west. Unfortunately, this was also driven by certain members of CYSL looking to gain more control of the TriState Board for their narrow interest. Many Catamount coaches have been involved in the organizational discussions and this should create a strong venue for more strategic efforts related to ski racing in the State.

For those of you who are new, the Parents Association serves to support the race team. Our annual focus is on organizing volunteers for the interclub race, providing annual T-Shirts/Hats to our athletes, and the year-end Interclub awards. We have parents helping with team Jackets and other projects. We are providing Sprongo accounts for video analysis. The big strategic focus for the last few years was to host a TriState race. Clearly, this will get a jump-start from our new owners.

Please attend Sunday’s meeting and reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Peter Chudy