Tristate U16’s Bousquet SL & Weekend Update!

Hey U16’s!

Saturday, February 10 – Bousquet SL

Just a reminder that registration for our last SL race of the regular season ends at noon today!  Make sure to register at Here’s the info for the race!  Click here.


Saturday Night – End-of-the-Season Party @ the Cashen’s

All TS racers and family members are invited:
Tri-State Pot Luck & BBQ Social and Paper Plate Awards – Feb 10th @ 5pm 
The Cashen’s will once again host the best event of the year, our Tri-State Social and Paper Plate awards!! THANK YOU CASHENS!! This is a huge undertaking and we will need all your help to make it a success. Please sign up and let us know what you will be able to bring. Thank you, Tara, for making the sign-up sheet!

Sign up Genius form click here –

LOCATION – (about 20 minutes from Catamount just off Rte 23),  81 Roxbury Road | Hudson, NY 12513

Again, this is for ALL TS – U12/14/16/19 Athlete’s, family members and coaches!!
Any questions please let me know and see you all there.
Coach Charles.
Sunday, February 11th – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat
In preparation for U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak, we will be sharing a course


Sunday, February 11 – GS training on Lower Alley Cat

In preparation for the U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak, we will train GS along with the U12/14’s on Lower Alley Cat.  Make sure to remove your chin guard and bring your GS skis/poles! Please meet Coach Pat at the Quad at 8:25am sharp to warm up.

Parent volunteers!  We can really use your help setting up fencing in the AM and breaking it (and the course) down at 12 noon!  Please report to the pump house at the top of Lower Alley Cat when the Quad opens and again at 12 noon!

See you this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 Race & Weekend Update!

Hey U16’s!

Wachusett Mountain GS

What a great race at the Wachusett Mountain GS last Sunday for Team Catamount!  Congratulations to Winnie Mann for her 4th place finish!  And there were so many other great performances as well by our boys and girls!  A 12th and 13th place from Frannie Mann and Ava Amuso, a 13th place 2nd run by Lael Cashen, an 11th place 1st run for Ethan Leifer, and a 12th place 2nd run from Dax Roy!

SL training this weekend

This Saturday AND Sunday we will be training SL on Race Slope in preparation for our SL race next Saturday @ Bousquet.  Please be ready to meet your coach at the Quad @ 8:25am on both days!  Please bring your SL skis and equipment for the weekend.

Jiminy Peak U19 GS

Any U16 going to this race should pair up or inspect in groups and check in with Coach Mark and Coach Ken at different key spots in the course.  Since you will be missing SL training, have a goal for the day; race and free ski with a purpose.

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”



Tristate U16’s Weekend Update!

Hey U16 Racers!

Saturday U19 Beast GS

Any U16 racers racing @ Beast on Saturday should check in with Coach Ken and Coach Mark for inspection and getting staged for your runs!  Make sure to make use of the day with free skiing on the side of Competition or on Flying Cloud.  Work on pressure before the fall line and releasing before the transition as that will be our focus during Saturday training @ Catamount.

Saturday Training GS

We will be training on Lower Alley Cat on Saturday in preparation for the Wachusett GS on Sunday. Training on Lower Alley runs from 8:25am – 12:00pm and we will again need parent assistance at 8:30am and 12:00pm to set up and break down fencing. A reminder to racers to remove your chin guards.  We will then ski together as a group from 1:00-2:00pm after lunch to continue our focus on generating speed in the turn with early pressure and release!

Sunday Wachusett Mountain GS Race

If you missed it, you can still register the morning of the race but a $10 late fee will apply and you will be placed at the back of the pack for the 1st run.  2nd run seeding will be 1st run dependent with the usual flip 30.

Registration starts at 7:30am in the Granite Room of the base lodge. Course inspection begins around 8:15am, forerunners run at 9:10 and the race begins at 9:30.   Click here for information about the event.

See you at the mountain!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”


Update !

Blanford has scheduled their Interclub Race event for MARCH 3RD.  Your registration will still be in effect.  If you have not completed registration for the remaining interclub events please do so now.



Tristate/Speed Camp at Stratton!

Hey Tristate U14, U16 and U19 racers!

Mark Colman asked me to share this with all of you!  February 5th and 6th Tristate will be hosting their annual Speed Camp at Stratton.  TS Speed Camp Flyer – 2018

U16’s and U19’s train on Monday, February 5th while U14’s train on Tuesday, February 6th.

Make sure to get your coach to email: Ed “Animal” Bassett at with your racer’s name, USSA # and recommendation.  Then register through

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”


Berkshire East Interclub Race Postponed

The Berkshire East Interclub Race will be Postponed, most likely occurring in March. There is an expectation that the Blandford Race will be cancelled. We do not have a clear understanding of the issues but Blandford was scheduled to hold a number of races this year and has been unable to open due to lift issues. this has caused a massive scheduling problem.

INTERCLUB RACE Sunday 1/21 at Butternut

Hi Everyone,

Below is the scheduled agenda for the Butternut Race Event on Sunday 1/21:

Registration 7:00 to 8:00 in the Upper Lodge, room closest main mountain

Coaches Meeting 8:00-8:15 at Timing Building

Inspection 8:15

Inspection Closes 8:50

8:50 No Movement on the Hill

Forerunner 8:55

Race Start  9:00


Please note there will be no free-skiing on the race hill during the race.  Only coaches will be able to transport jackets while side slipping down the race course to transport jackets.  Athletes and parents will be sent down to skier’s right Chute/Nuthatch Trials to get to the bottom.

Second run will begin 1 hour after first run finishes

Coffee will be served at Registration

All athletes except Butternut will get lift tickets

Parents and family lift tickets $25.00

Skillsquest will run concurrent with GS (planned morning only as necessary)

10 year old and up  will start in skills quest/6 to 9 yr old after their first run.

Athletes can do Skillsquest multiple times but should not interfere with there scheduled run.


Reminder No Day of Registration will be allowed.

Tristate U16 Weekend Update!

Hey U16’s!

Saturday – Mt. Southington SL 

Just a reminder that registration for this race ends at midnight tonight!!!  Make sure to go to to register for the race.

Also visit the website for more information about the race here.

Registration runs from 7-8:30am on the 2nd floor in the Mountain Room.  Although both courses will be set, inspection of the morning course begins at 7:30am with a 9am start.  The 2nd run begins 1 hour after the end of the 1st run with inspection of the 2nd course beginning at the end of that run.

Sunday – GS training on Lower Alley Cat

Be prepared to train GS on Lower Alley Cat on Sunday.  Please meet Coach Sonia at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  You will free ski together until the course is ready.  Training on Lower Alley Cat will run from from about 9am – 12noon.  

Parent volunteers for B-netting – We will need parent volunteers to help with fencing again.  Please board the lift at 8:30am and report to the Pump House @ the top of Lower Alley Cat to help coaches and staff with setting up rolls of fencing.  Please defer all decisions on fencing locations to Coach Adam and the Staff.  Then we will need you again at 12:00pm to help break down the course and the fencing.

Thanks again for your amazing support!

See you at the race and at Catamount this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”