Tristate U12 & U14 Bousquet GS Race Postponed! SL Training Tomorrow!

Hey everyone!

Sorry about the late notice however we just found out that the race tomorrow has been postponed. Tristates will let us know when the race will be rescheduled.

In the meantime please bring your slalom equipment (poles with guards, helmet with chin guard, shin guards and slalom skis). It’s ok if you don’t have everything. We realize some of you may not have all of your slalom equipment. We will be training on Race Slope from 8:30am – 11am and then from 12pm – 2pm.

Ski you tomorrow!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Catamount Interclub Race

Catamount host’s its Interclub Race on February 5th. It is may be the biggest race of the season as Catamount attendance is very high.

Being able to have a home race really helps our kids as they will have the opportunity to train on the race hill and there is a large comfort factor. It is something our Tristate racers unfortunately have to live with out.

Holding this race, as with all the races, is dependent on volunteers. Many of these volunteers you may never see such as the Chief of Race and Referees, which require certification, but many of the positions rely on parent volunteers.

Right now I am drawing up the volunteer lists: We will need people to act as gatekeepers, run scoreboard, registration, take bibs and set up the awards. You do not have to have any experience. We will also provide written instructions to Gate Keepers.

Please help recruit your fellow parents. The more people we have the better the race will be and we can break things down into shorter shifts.

please contact me at
Peter Chudy
Head of Parents Association

For those of you who are interested in getting more involved there is a demand for trained Alpine Officials at TriState events. I would be glad to speak to you about what is involved.

Tristate U12 & U14 GS Training Saturday and Bousquet GS Race Sunday!

Hey racers!

Great work last weekend from focusing on timing on Saturday and gradually working from Lower Catamount to Lower Alley Cat on Monday. Big thanks to Lars, Charles & Chris for setting a course that was U12/U14 “friendly.” And special big thanks to our parents who came to the course to help with fencing both in the morning at 8:20am to set up and at 12:15pm to break down! Coach Greg Smith and Andy Levin get a special “Pat-on-the-Back” for dragging 2 bundles of fencing from the bottom to halfway up the course!!

And what a great turnout for Sunday’s video analysis of the Butternut SL race and indoor session! Special thanks to Coach Doug and Coach Sonia for their hours of preparation in uploading video and creating the Google Slides presentation. If you didn’t get to see the video, you will be able to see it on Look for an invite in your email to join the website, courtesy of Peter Chudy and the Parent Association. Please click on the embedded link for Sonia’s Google Presentation.

Saturday Training

Just a reminder to everyone that our first GS race is held at Bousquet this coming Sunday. We will be training on Lower Alley Cat on Saturday along with the U16’s and with timing. Training on Lower Alley runs from 8:30am – 12:10am and we will again need parent assistance at 8:20am and 12:15pm to set up and break down fencing. A reminder to racers to remove your chinguards. Although protective for SL training, they can lead to neck injuries if worn during a fall at high speed during GS training.

Race Registration

    If you haven’t registered for the race, you must do so on the Tristate Schedule for the Western MA Series. Registration is online at Adminskiracing. Avoid the $20 late fee by registering before 12 noon TODAY, Thursday, January 19th!!! Online registration ENDS AT 5PM!!! If you miss it, you can still register the morning of the race but the $20 late fee will still apply. Watch for an email in case the race is postponed due to poor snow conditions.

    Race Day
    Registration at Bousquet starts at 7:30am on the 2nd floor of the lodge. Course inspection begins around 8:30am and the race begins at the end of inspection (between 9 & 9:30). Make sure to get there early so your racer can get a proper inspection of the course. They are responsible for making their way to the start BEFORE their bib # is called. If a racer misses their start, they will automatically be placed at the end of their age/gender group. The order of this (and every) race is as follows: U12 Girls; U12 Boys; U14 Girls; U14 Boys. The 1st run at Bousquet will run C, D, A then B. The 2nd run at Bousquet will follow the order D, A, B then C. My apologies for the correction for last week’s race order. At the end of the 1st run, the course is reset and then opened for inspection. The 2nd run usually begins about an hour after the last racer finishes from the 1st run.

    Please feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding training or the race!

    Go Catamount!

    Coach Pat

    “Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U12/U14 GS training tomorrow – Monday, January16!!!

Hey Racers!

Just letting you know our plan for tomorrow.

We will be training on Lower Alley Cat and Lower Catamount from 8:30am – 12noon.  Be prepared to have your GS skis, forearm guards (optional) and remember to remove your chin bar from your helmet.  Please meet your coaches at the bottom of the Quad at 8:25am to warm up. Then from 1 – 2pm, we will be skiing GS specific drills to help prepare for our 1st GS race at Bousquet.

Parents we can really use your help in putting up fencing. Due to safety issues, no one can practice on the GS training course until proper fencing is set.   Please be ready to board the Quad at 8:20am sharp (you do not need poles) and come to the pumphouse on Lower Alley Cat where you will be directed on how to help put up fencing! The quicker we get the fencing up, the quicker your racers can get on the practice course!

Then at 12:15pm, can you please come back to the top of the training course on Lower Alley Cat to help break down, roll up and carry/drag the fencing to the finish shack at the bottom of Lower Alley Cat. This season, the mountain has asked all Tristate coaching on Alley Cat to end by 12:30pm so that they may groom and open up the terrain back up to the public.

We’re excited to see you all tomorrow!

Ski you later!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U12/U14 Butternut SL video & indoor session tomorrow! No on snow training!

Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that Coach Doug has video of each racer from the Butternut SL (Thanks Coach Doug!) and will share it tomorrow in the Taconic Lodge from 12noon-2pm along with Coach Greg (Thanks Coach Greg!) and Coach Sonia’s presentation on SL & GS turns, terminology and how skills apply to each discipline (Thanks Coach Sonia!).

Please feel free to free ski (on your GS skis!) tomorrow but meet at the TV in the Taconic Lodge for the video/presentation.


Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Calling U12 & U14 parents to help set netting for GS training!!!

Hi everyone!

We are calling for parents to volunteer early on Saturday morning to help the U19 coaches set up safety netting on Lower Alley Cat in order to train for GS. The higher speeds and relatively narrow trails require “B” netting to be set up before racers can train. Once the netting is set up on Saturday, it can be kept up until Monday when the U12/U14/U16’s take the hill to also train for GS.

Please be ready to board the Quad at 8:20am without your poles. A coach should be there to direct parents to locate and carry/drag bundles of netting from skier’s left at the flat before the Pumphouse to the practice course on Lower Alley Cat.

Mark Colman, Ken Tingley and Ken Tingley, Jr are the U19 coaches and they will help direct you with the netting.

Then on Monday at 12 Noon, please come help break down the safety netting (no poles please!). The netting has to be tied into bundles and brought to the finish shack located at the bottom of Lower Alley Cat.

Please email me at: to let me know if you’re available to help out!

Thanks so much in advance!


Coach Pat

“Many hands…light load!!!”

Tristate U12 & U14 GS training this weekend

Hi everyone! Here are the plans for this weekend’s GS training in preparation for our race at Bousquet on Sunday, January 22.

    Saturday 1/14

AM – Race Slope
8:30am – 11am

Flat – Apex drill with GS rhythm course
Flat to Dropoff – GS rhythm course with turning brush above and below the gate

PM – Race Slope
12pm – 2pm

Flat – Delay gates in GS
Flat to Dropoff – GS rhythm course with brushes marking the transition.

Sunday 1/15

    Taconic Lodge TV
    12pm – 2pm

    Video analysis of Butternut SL
    Presentation and video of path of CM and skis in SL turn. Angulation and Upper Body/Lower Body Separation. How the path and skills adjust to GS turn

    Monday 1/16

AM – Lower Alley Cat (with the U16’s)
8:30am – 12pm

GS training

PM – Drills on Race Slope and/or Catamount
1pm – 2pm

Make sure to remove your racer’s SL chin guard from their helmet!

Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

U16 Update

Dear U16 parents,

Last weekend we had a good GS race at Berkshire East. The conditions were excellent, the set was very appropriate for a first race of the season and our skiers looked strong. The U16s were split up on Sunday with some racers at a U19 SL race and some training GS at Catamount.

This weekend is a three day weekend. As with other holidays, the mountain is expecting a lot of visitors on Sunday therefor the two training days will be Saturday and Monday. The current plan is:

Saturday 1/14/2017 8:30a – 12:20p – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat (with the U19s). Help with b-netting may be needed to speed-up the setup process.

Sunday 1/15/2017 – No formal on snow training, free-ski in your GS skis, practice your favorite drills.

Monday 1/16/2017 – 8:30a – 12:20p – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat (with the U12/14). Help with b-netting may be needed if anyone is available.

See you all Saturday!

Tri-State Party Pot Luck

Dear Tri-State families,

You have all been invited to join the Cashen clan at their home/farm this Sunday (1/15) in the evening for a Tri-State party pot luck! Sorry for the last minute heads up, this weekend was the only weekend without a race that worked for their schedule. We’ll host the paper plate awards later in the season in the Taconic lodge like IC!

5:00-6:30pm: skating on the pond and a bonfire (come dressed warm, kids in snow suits with skates if they have)
6:30-9:30pm: Food, drinks and good company

The Cashens will be cooking burgers and sausages. We need a few people to bring buns and toppings. If someone can bring chicken (marinated), it can be thrown on the BBQ, otherwise cooked chicken is fine too. We can also use items for the pot luck: side dish, apps, desserts, drinks.

Let me know at if you plan to attend so the Cashen’s can cook enough meat for everyone and also what dish you intend to bring so I can moderate the situation so we do not get too many sweets etc.

The Cashen’s are looking forward to seeing all of you this Sunday, Coach Sonia

LOCATION (about 20 minutes from Catamount just off Rte 23):
81 Roxbury Road | Hudson, NY 12513 | ph: (518) 851-2331