Bosquet 2017

Greetings IC Parents,

Bousquet Coaching Staff and a return to winter conditions provided our contingent of IC racers with an efficiently orchestrated race. Several members of our coach cadre, Mac and Doug in particular, stepped forward and contributed additional logistic support to ensure smooth sailing (racing) throughout the day.

Compared to our home-based race, fewer racers, 42 boys and 39 girls, trekked to Bousquet. Non-the-less, our racers were energized and closed out a successful season on the up beat. 17 boys (40% of total) and 14 girls (36%) achieved podium status. An additional 13 girls (70% total) and 11 boys (67% of total) completed their season with top 10 finishes.

Throughout the season our U13-15 racers provided a spark to the overall success of the team. Numerous racers from this class achieved consistent podium status. As a group (8 boys and 3 girls) they have earned the right to advance to Tri State for next season. In terms of age and overall ability prowess, they demonstrated that they are prepared to continue their development within the Tri State system. Bravo!

We also witnessed consistent podium finishes from our 11-12 girls and boys as well. Our coaching staff supports and encourages these racers to consider continuing their technical and tactical advancement at the Tri State level of competition. Parents can check with individual coaches for additional feedback. Potential age limits may be introduced on a league basis for next season stipulating an upper level age cut-off for competition. Stay tuned.

A strong turnout for our annual dual GS challenge provided a vigorous and enthusiastic ending to our race season. Thanks to everyone, racers, staff and parents who participated. As is typically the case, the smorgasbord was superb. Hopefully everyone savored the home-style waffle selection provided by the Dohr family.

In parting here are a few pearls of wisdom gleaned from the book, Mastery… by George Leonard:

“We fail to realize that mastery is not about perfection. It’s about a process, a journey. The master is the one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives. When your’re climbing a mountain, in other words, be aware that the peak is ahead, but don’t keep looking up at it. Keep your eyes on the path. And when you reach the top of the mountain (podium, finish line, promotion, etc.), as the Zen saying goes, keep on climbing.”

Please share with your racers.


John Greaser

Tristate U12 & U14 racers End-of-the-Year party and weekend training!

Hey everyone!

Just to let you know and to invite you all to our End-of-the-Year “Potluck” dinner party to be held this coming Saturday evening from 5-8pm hosted by Katie Smith & Chris Cashen (Thanks Katie and Chris!!):

The Farm at Millers Crossing
81 Roxbury Road Hudson NY 12534 518-851-2331

Tara Mann has graciously accepted the task of organizing the event (Thanks Tara!!) and asks everyone to use the below “genius” link:
It’s been a great season and we will punctuate it with Racer Evaluations and Paper Plate Awards!

Good luck to our racers who will be attending the U14 Training Project at Beast on both Saturday and Sunday!

U12 and all other U14 racers:
Free skiing

SL “For Fun” on Race Slope

Can’t wait to see you all on the slopes and at the party!

Cheers to a great season!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Interclub Year End Celebration

Yesterday may have been the last race, but its cold, they just made snow so its not over yet. This Saturday (March 11) we will have a fun skiing day followed by a celebration with awards for our racers and recognition of our dedicated coaches.

Party at 2pm-ish, PA to provide Pizza and Parents are encouraged to support the potluck. I have a sign up at:

It may have been a long season of early mornings but we encourage you to keep your kids skiing for the few weeks that are left. This is the time of the year that all those practices and drills get perfected and added to muscle memory.

Otis Recap


The excursion to the Otis SL race was attended by fewer Catamount racers (39 total) than the average turnout to this competition for the past several seasons. Do in part of course because our U8s were held in lock down at our home base. However, the day turned out to be productive for the contingent of Catamount racers who competed. Although the course set was quite cut and dry, surface conditions presented a stimulating challenge. In spite of this factor, our racers, determined as always, deciphered tactics to pass this test. A few miscalculations culminated in a total of 9 faults (DSQs & DNFs) for the two combined runs. Quite minuscule when tabulated across a total of 78 runs for our racers. Percentage wise this total amounts to 0.1%

Trips to the podium were well represented by Cat racers. Nine girls (43% of total) raced to top 5 finishes. Another 5 girls joined the podium finishers to expand results to top 10 achievements (67% of total). Boys were equally represented on the podium with 7 top honors (39% of total). Seven additional teammates earned top 10 finishes (78% of total). Mathew Glatt, who is on his way to Pische finals, added another “fastest boy” title to his dossier for the season.

With one remaining race, Bousquet GS, one of our goals should be to increase representation for this event. Our racers have demonstrated grit, tenacity, perseverance, and a desire to improve their racing prowess throughout the season. They should have the opportunity to show case their efforts and hard work. Weather permitting, two runs are scheduled for this final competition. All Aboard!


John Greaser

Tristate U12 & U14 racers this weekend!

Good luck to all of our U12 racers who will be competing at U12 Championships this coming weekend at Blandford Ski area!!!

For our U14 racers, we will be training SL on Saturday on Race Slope (and Lower Alley Cat with the U16’s and U19’s for racers going to Piche/Easterns) and GS on Sunday on Lower Alley Cat with the U16’s and U19’s. If the weather does not hold up or there is not enough snow, then GS training will occur on Race Slope.

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Congratulations Tristate U14 Championships racers!

Congratulations to all of our U14 Championships racers who competed GS at Ski Sundown and SL at Mt. Southington this past weekend! Race course conditions held up despite the weather and Catamount racers represented well!

For the boys, Dax Roy was 2nd place in GS with an overall ranking of 4th and will be racing at Sunday River for Eastern Championships.

For the girls, Winnie Mann was 5th place in GS with an overall ranking of 8th and is the 2nd alternate at Sunday River for Easterns.
And Sage Siegel was 6th place in SL and with an overall ranking of 7th; is the 1st alternate at Sunday River for Easterns.

In addition, the following racers also qualified for a special U14 training project to be held at Berkshire East on the weekend of March 11th & 12th. This special training is to help further develop our top racers and prepare for the Piche Invitational and Eastern Championships. They include the top 15 2003 racers and top 10 2004 racers in the U14 Championship rankings.

U14 Boys (2003)
Dax Roy

U14 Boys (2004)
Greg Levin
Alex Gagnon 1st alternate

U14 Girls (2003)
Sage Siegel
Winnie Mann
Clare Howard


Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”