28 Sep

Upcoming PreSeason Events

USSA holds an informative pre-season Alpine Festival at Killington October 22nd.  link below


Suburban Sports of Berlin CT will hold a racer night October 1st from 4-8PM.  They will have reps from Rossi, Head, Atomic, Fischer, Volkl & POC.   USSA pricing discounts for racers.

Ski Haus will have racer nights in October at the New Milford CT and Brewster NY Locations, with dates and times yet to be announced.

22 Sep


The Catamount site has the registration open for the 2016-17 season. Register before 10/31 and get a discount. Please also register for USSA, which includes the TriState Alpine Ski Racing Assoc fee.

13 Sep

ECSC College Ski Fair

The following is a good opportunity for racers to get an understanding of non-NCAA college racing opportunities.  These programs range from clubs to Varsity Teams and provide a much wider opportunity than the small number of NCAA programs

2016 College Fair

Thompson ~ Reynolds ~ McBrine ~ MacConnell ~ Northern Vermont

Alpine ~ Snowboard GS ~ Nordic ~ Freestyle

October 2, 2016

1:00 pm

Olin Hall
Babson College

We Invite all High School athletes to attend and learn about options for ski & snowboard competition in college


Brandeis University, Boston University, Brown University, Castleton University, Clarkson University, Connecticut College, Marist College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New England College, Northeastern University, Saint Anselm College, Springfield College, The College of the Holy Cross, Trinity College, Tufts University, University of Connecticut, University of Maine Farmington, University Of Maine Fort Kent, University of Maine Orono, University of Mass Amherst, University of Rhode Island, Vassar College, Wesleyan University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Yale University


United States Military Academy, Castleton University, Clarkson University, Cornell University, Hamilton College, Paul Smith’s College, Rochester Polytechnic Institute , Wellesley College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Yale University


Boston University, Springfield College, University of Maine Farmington, University of Rhode Island, Wesleyan University, Yale University


University of Vermont

The ECSC has invited other USCSA teams from arond the country.  For a complete list of the schools attending or with any questions please contact Bo Bigelow at (207) 712-5440 or bbigelow@uscsa.com.

29 Aug

Steiners Race Day

Sunday Sept.11 11-5pm


Location Steiner’s Sports
3455 US 9
Valatie NY 12184

Welcome to Race Day 2016 at Steiner’s Sports as always I have Factory Reps on hand to help guide your Athlete with equipment selection from Fischer, Nordica, Lange, Rossingnol, POC, BRIKO , Dynastar, Atomic and Head. Garrick Dardani Master Boot Fitter, ski boot Tester for SKI/Skiing Magazine, Race program Director and head U19 coach is here to do everything possible to make your athlete perform to their potential. Also on hand will be some of your favorite coaches.
Boots are the most important piece of the skiing puzzle. All age groups and ability levels will benefit from getting set up properly in their boots. This means assessed for size, flex, width, Height of boot and performance level.
Besides fit and flex we need to get the alignment of the boots right, that means that the forward angle is right for you, the lateral cant , cuff alignment is set right, do the knees track correctly?; this is called lateral stance balance.
Ski & Binding: besides brand, size and flex, it is critical to determine the correct binding ramp angle this is the difference in height from the heel to the toe piece. I determine a starting delta angle based on the ankle flexibility, center of mass of athlete, boot set up and event SL/GS…

At fit Day I can size up boots and do an assessment but many times we will need to schedule an appointment for the full fitting. This is too important to rush through.
Can’t make it to Race Day no problem, these deals are available all season.

The Deal with fit day is:
USSA pricing on all equipment
I offer 30% off all Swix wax and equipment
Poc and Slytec Helmets and armor are offered at race form price.
All race equipment is on sale
Perfect time to leave your skis to get them prepared for the season
I prepare all skis on the Wintersteiger Omega RS 350 stone grinding machine. This is the most up to date machine for precisely grinding race specific patterns

30 Mar

Team Jackets Last Day

Currently we need more interest in order to fulfill the minimum requirement. Only one day left to order jackets.

We have the order process set up for Team Jackets. They will be the same as last years from Karbon. We will need a minimum order of 25, currently we are well below this number. Jackets are $200. They are youth sized. We have not had enough interest to order adult sizes, which requires a separate minimum order. Jackets will be available in the late fall.

Orders must be placed by March 30th.

Here is a link to the website to order the jackets:




23 Mar

Summer Skiing

Lead Change Racing offers additional training opportunities and is supported by some of the best coaches in Tri-State and other organizations.

They are offering an excellent camp this Summer in Saas Fee, Switzerland. The glacier at the peak holds snow well and last year had some significant snowfall in August. Top teams from around the world will be training there. Two summers ago my daughter rode up the gondola next to Frida Hansdotter, who just won the Slalom World cup. Please check out the link below.


22 Mar

Otis Ridge 2016

On 2/21/16 Catamount IC racers, minus 7 and under boys and girls, traveled to Otis Ridge to compete in the season’s only SL race.  In the absence of  our “rippers,”  61 Catamount racers (30 boys and 31 girls) charged out of the start gate.  Our racer’s start mechanics noticeably demonstrated improvement having spent time with coaches drilling and refining this aspect of  their game.  As normally is the case, Otis SL presented technical and tactical challenges for competitors.  A total of 58 competitors experienced hurdles (DSQs and DNFs).   Although not a surprise,  eighteen faults were experienced by 8 year olds.  Overall, however,  Catamount 8s fared better than their age group competitors.  Faults appear to be distributed evenly between girls and boys.

Well in spite of a topsie-turvey day,  Catamount racers secured a respectable number of trips to the podium.  Nine top 5 finishes were achieved by our girls (30  % of our total girls).  Of the combined 20 top 5 slots for the day,  eleven boys accomplished the climb up the podium (37  % of boys total).  Close to 60% (36 total), completed the 2 runs with times that earned  top 10 rankings.  Girls edged out boys with 19.  Boys fell short of this number by two.  Racers definitely had to be in the zone to reach this pinnacle.

For the second race in a row, timing issues did not did not surface.  We can extend a thank you to Catamount’s “timing team,”  Lindsy, Adam and Steve, who were recruited by Otis to assure the process ran smoothly.

Coming off a respectable outing at Otis, our IC team headed to Bousquet with U7s in tow;  or should we say the U7s headed to Bousquet with the balance of the team in tow.  The last race of the season typically draws fewer racers and families.  At both the Otis and Bousquet venues our numbers were considerably fewer than our season high of 100 registered at Catamount’s home race.  Thirty nine boys and 36 girls were challenged with Bousquet’s diverse course.  However, with softer surface conditions, our racers negotiated the pitch with comfort and finesse. 

Catamount racers, as they have throughout the season, demonstrated their prowess by capturing a substantial number of top 5 finishes.  Our girls secured 12 top fives, or 33% of their total participants.  Whereas 15 boys, or 38% of total earned a berth on the podium.  Stretching results out to top 10 finishes, 21 of our girls, or 58% of total,  achieved this honor.  Catamount boys etched thier mark in the snow with 25 top 10 finishes, or 66% of total.  Our boys earned bragging rights by out racing fellow competitors to Number 1 rankings in six of the seven divisions.

Coming into the Bousquet race, our U7 boys podium streak was on the line.  By the end of the day, however, the sweep was still alive.  Our 7 year old boys walked up to the podium with their fourth consecutive, and unprecedented, top 5 sweep.  A superb culmination and exclamation mark to a rewarding and safe race season.

Thanks to dedicated mentoring from coaches, an operations  crew that faced weekly challenges to provide us with skiable terrain, along with up-beat attitudes from our racers, Catamount IC completed another successful race season.  Thanks  also to our parents and everyone who persevered to over come the unusual winter conditions.  We are more accustomed to driving to-and-from race venues in winter storms not on rain soaked road surfaces.  Bravo! 

Addendum:  Answering the Call, AKA A Hero’s Journey

Starting out on a journey to become a ski racer begins by answering a “Call”.”  The invitation to adventure comes in many forms: encouragement from a parent or significant relative, desire to follow in the footsteps of an elder sibling, or aspirations to become the next Bodie, Sarah, Ted, Lindsay, etc.  The candidate might be hesitant at first to answer, but once the bug is caught, he/she crosses  a threshold where a return to the ho hum life without ski racing no longer seems quite as appealing.

Once the candidate begins the journey she/he is confronted with many trials and challenges.  The aspiring racer soon learns that comfort associated with the “wedge”  will only impede and not advance progress.  New skills must be learned; tipping and rolling ankles and knees, hands/elbows up and forward, parallel stance (what’s that),  pressure and edge the outside ski, engage the inside one to compliment the outside (what do you mean by that)  shoulders square and looking ahead to the next turn ( well I’d rather look down at my ski tips if you don’t mind).

As did Luke Sky walker,  the aspiring racer will enter a “dark cave” and face many challenges, obstacles and tricksters, such as course setters who set goofy courses.  He/she will soon learn that the bunny hill is off limits except for one-ski training.  Although groomed slopes will be skied from time-to-time, the racer will more often be exposed to clumps of mixed glop, and yes “Ice.”  While in the cave the racer will be introduced to GS and SL courses not necessarily to their liking, and did I say “Ice”  at every gate.  Coaches will make certain that the racer is especially exposed to less than ideal conditions at the first 2 gates over the pitch of the Catamount slope.  The racer will consistently be presented the difference between early and late so that their understanding will assist them in arriving early for every appointment for the rest of their life.  While battling monsters in the cave, the candidate may be tempted to cross further to the dark side and enter the “park zone” or consider joining forces with the “shredders.”  He/she will be dissuading from such temptations.

At first the discovered progression and evolution may seem a bit intimidating and counter intuitive to the aspiring racer’s way of thinking.  We understand and will help them assimilate and sort out the barrage of new information, and temper concerns.  They will form alliances with mentors, namely coaches, and allies (buddies) who will share in negotiating the peaks and valleys of the journey. 

Candidates will methodically work their way out of the cave.  The “Hero’s Journey”  is a special calling and those who are willing to “take up the sword” and persist in the  ordeal will be transformed into a confident adventurer (alpine ski racer).  The rewards are many.  Improved technical skills along with an enhanced understanding of how to apply them tactically to their advantage in a race course will serve them well in competition; especially at the infamous Otis SL.  Each aspiring ski racer will forge their own trail.  Some will continue to take their development to the college level.  All participants will however have discovered  life-long appreciation of the Tao of Skiing.  The process will certainly be repeated in many adventures yet to be experienced.




22 Mar

Congratulations U12 & U14 Championships Racers!!!

Congratulations to the following racers at their respective events!  Please click on the below links for race results.

Special recognition goes to Greg Levin in his qualifying for the Francis Piche Invitational @ Gunstock and to Achille Saracheck in his qualifying for Eastern Championships @ Sunday River!

Congratulations to all!!!

U12 Championships

Boy’s SL

Alex Gagnon – 8th place

Greg Levin – 9th place

Connelly Cashen – 15th place

Boy’s GS

Greg Levin – 5th place

Alex Gagnon – 9th place

Connelly Cashen – 18th place

U12 Piche Invitational

Greg Levin – GS 35th place

U14 Championships

Girl’s SL

Frannie Mann – 34th place

Winnie Mann – 40th place

Girl’s GS

Frannie Mann – 21st place

Sage Siegel – 28th place

Winnie Mann – 33rd place

Boy’s SL

Achille Saracheck -1st place

Dax Roy – 43rd place

Adam Hess – 48th place

Will Cross – 49th place

Stanley Spence – 53rd place

Boy’s GS

Ethan Leifer -21st place

Dax Roy – 23rd place

Will Cross – 36th place

Adam Hess – 41st place

Stanley Spence – 56th place

U14 Eastern Championships

Achille Saracheck – GS 43rd place



Boy’s U12 Chamionships – SL


Boy’s U12 Championsips – GS


Francis Piche Invitational


Girl’s U14 Championships – SL


Boy’s U14 Championships – SL


Girl’s U14 Championships – GS

U14 Championships Women results Beast

Boy’s U14 Championships – GS

U14 Championships Mens results Beast

USSA Eastern Championships – GS


15 Mar

Team Jackets — Order Now

We have the order process set up for Team Jackets.  They will be the same as last years from Karbon.  We will need a minimum order of 25, currently we are well below this number.  Jackets are $200.  They are youth sized.  We have not had enough interest to order adult sizes, which requires a separate minimum order.  Jackets will be available in the late fall.

Orders must be placed by March 30th.

Here is a link to the website to order the jackets:



01 Mar

U12 & U14 Last weekend of training

Hi everyone!

1st I’d like to thank the parents who helped with fencing Lower Alley Cat last Saturday morning!  Special thanks to John Guzzi, Dusty, Charles Gagnon, Tara Mann, Marius Stanescu, Jane Smith, Michael Leifer, and Brian Weinberg.  It was probably the smoothest and quickest GS setup I’ve experienced at Catamount!!!  And thanks to Ken & Kenny Tingley for their help in breaking down.  Because of their help, I was able to give the kids video analysis in the timing shack at the bottom of Catamount at the end of the day.

This coming Saturday, any racer not going to championships should meet me in the Taconic Lodge at 8:30 without their boots on.  We will watch a couple of videos and then head out focusing on personal skiing and technique (Please bring your SL skis but no need for chin bars or armor).  There will be video analysis for each racer and we will spend the day doing many of the drills that we didn’t do this season due to the late start and lack of time.

Unfortunately I have a conflict on Sunday as my older son Harry has an All County Orchestra performance at SUNY Purchase so I won’t be able to be there on our last day of training.  The U16’s will be training GS on Lower Alley Cat and Interclub will be setting up a fun Kombi course on Catamount.  I will leave it up to each racer where and what they would like to focus on on Sunday.  I’ve arranged with the coaches to expect your racers.

Thanks again for a great season!  It was wonderful working with and getting to know your kids.  I saw a tremendous amount of improvement this season in every single racer.  Some racers learned how to clear SL gates, some learned to make pole plants, some learned to shin stubbies, some learned how to carve, some learned how to separate their upper and lower body, some improved their inspection techniques at races, some improved their race “mental” game.  Many times learning a new skill comes with a temporary slower time. Don’t let it get you down.  Frustration is a natural and sometimes necessary step in our learning process.  It often provides us with motivation to change our movement patterns. I’m already looking forward to next season so we can improve even more!

Let’s not forget to thank Peter Chudy with his tireless help (and $!!!) in getting us capes, TV’s, Apple TV’s for video analysis and apparel!  Dusty and Charles for their constant help every day of training.  And Steve Adams and the mountain in making sure that we get the trails, snow and equipment that we need every training session.  A lot of coordination goes on behind the scenes so that we can get the best training possible.

And finally special thanks to Coaches Peter Cross, Sonia Tatlock-Gagnon and Chris Cashen.  It’s been an awesome season working with you!!!

Have a great “Off Season” and “ski you later!”

Coach Pat