Catamount Racing’s Skill Development Team

Introduction to Ski Racing 

This program is designed for young kids who have an interest in developing their fundamental skiing skills and want to have a blast ripping around the mountain with other like-minded skiers. Kids are grouped together based upon a combination of age (social maturity/compatibility) and skill level considerations. Kids in the Devo Program will concentrate, first and foremost, on focused free skiing and drills designed to address balance, agility, edging, and rotary skills. Some devo kids will eventually progress further through the Race Program pipeline, graduating to Interclub or USSA racing as U12 or U14, while others will simply enjoy the Devo experience itself and use it to become better, all-round skiers.


Must be able to load the lift independently, and must be able to ski the whole mountain comfortably.


The Devo program takes place exclusively on Saturdays, beginning on December 30 and continuing through a total of 10 sessions. During the first session, all kids are evaluated and grouped according to age, skill assessment, free skiing, coach-ability, and attitude. For the most part, kids should expect to remain with the same group and the same coach for the duration of the program. Each day, activity begins at 9:30 am and ends at 2:30 pm, with a break for lunch at 11:30 am. 


Kids will get a taste of racing through occasional timed trials in a Giant Slalom course where they can put their skills to the test and experience friendly competition among their peers. All competitions will be on site at Catamount during regularly scheduled activity. No race registration is required.

Pay by October 31$695
Pay after October 31$795

*All Early Season Discounts will be applied at check out
**Lift passes are not included in the program fee

Parents Association

The appropriate membership(s) must be purchased when registering for the Catamount program.  Note: In the interest of providing safe, fun, and productive experiences, all training and racing activity is subject to cooperative weather and snow conditions.