Tristate U16 SL training this weekend! (12/22 & 23)

Hey racers and parents!

It was great to see everyone this past weekend where we worked on fundamentals such as balance and stance; free skiing with Alex and Adam and stating our goals this season out loud in our indoor session.  Steve Adam’s latest email warns of the rain for Friday and its possible effects on this weekends conditions.  There will be a delayed start to the mountain opening however no timeline has been posted.  Weather willing, we will continue to work on fundamentals this coming Saturday with the focus on upper body/lower body separation & angulation in the AM and starts/finishes in the PM.  Please come prepared to train in your SL skis with no armor or chin guard.  On Sunday, we will work on turn shape and pole plants/timing.  Please come prepared to train in your SL skis WITH chin/pole/shin guards.  There will be no official training on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Holiday Race Camp

Race camp this year begins on Tuesday, December 26th and ends on Saturday, December 30th.  Be prepared to ski SL on Tuesday and Wednesday with pole guards, shin and chin guards.  Our first race will be on Saturday, January 6th, GS @ Berkshire East (Beast).  So we will begin GS specific gate training for it Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  There will be no official training on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

U19 Seibert Cup GS on 12/30; Shaefer Cup SL on 12/31

Some of you may be thinking of racing in the U19 races at BEAST at the end of Holiday Race Camp.  Of course the decision to race is up to you and your parents but here are some of my thoughts.  We plan on working on SL in gates 12/23, 12/26 & 12/27.  Then GS in gates on 12/28, 12/29 & 12/30.  If you feel that these days are good enough prep for the 2 races and if you have even more days under your belt from Copper Mtn’s preseason camp or other camps, and you want to preview the mountain before Jan 5th’s GS race, then you should sign up for the race.  Coach Charles will likely be there for that race.  However, if you feel that you need the extra day of training on Lower Alley Cat or that you don’t really want to compete with the U19’s and FIS racers at that race, then stay at Catamount in the full GS course that we’ll set that day.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us during the week.  The last day of registration is on Thursday, December 27 @ 11pm.

Tuning & Equipment

Just a few notes for the start to the season.  First, make sure that your equipment is properly tuned and waxed.  SL skis should be tuned to a 0.5 (or 1) degree base bevel and 3 degree side bevel.  GS skis should be tuned to a 1 degree base bevel and 3 degree side bevel. This should first be done by a reputable ski shop.  In lower Westchester, I recommend Hickory & Tweed and Pedigree Ski shops.  Up at the mountain we currently recommend Mike Steven’s Black Diamond Tuning shop and are looking to others as well.  Boots should not only fit correctly but should have the appropriate flex.  Please ask your coaches if you have any questions regarding equipment.

See you this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances”

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