Tristate Racers – Last 4 races of the season @ Whiteface! And a summer training opportunity from John Borwick @ Berkshire School

Hey all!

  1.  Registration ends tomorrow on for the Alumni double header GS this Saturday and SL this Sunday @ Whiteface. Click Here.
  2. The following is an email to me from John Borwick, Head Alpine Coach @ Berkshire School:


I hope all is well and that you’re ramping into the Spring season.  Again, if you have any athletes, (and 2nd year U14’s wanting to get into a scored race) headed to Whiteface this weekend and need representation, let me know.  I’ve copied Mark Colman as well in this missive, since the Whiteface races might be a great opportunity to “score” that last …four races of the season!!!  The GS is scheduled for Saturday, first race kicks off at 9am, followed by the 2nd run….2nd GS race starts at 12:30pm.  Speed dating, but again a great opportunity to compete, and for the 2nd year U14’s…a chance to gain a point profile before they become 1st year U16’s, which means starting way, way up at their first race in 2019-2020 season in December.
Anyway and as discussed, I wanted to pitch you on the camp options for Catamount kids for the summer, and I guess Thanksgiving as well.
I’ve taken the liberty to attach the camp message I sent to my athletes and families earlier this winter (at the bottom).  I’ll send you a few additional emails sent to the athletes and parents as to the pre-camp, get-your-mind around type of training that helps prep the kids so they can immediately get the most out of the camps.
By and far, US Elite Camps are the best options I see for any athlete, and family.  I’d met Edry (Camp Director) when I’d been hired as a U16/14 coach at SMS, yet coming from Rocky/Central, I didn’t know him at all.  Through the years, and now that I’m at Berkshire School, Edry’s camps are by and far above “most” insofar as what the athletes’ receive, and the governance in the care, custody and control of someone else’ children.  Edry has developed a process which is akin to what we provided at the academy level insofar as a learning process, wrapped in a totally awesome summer camp feel.
Most camp coaches are static on the hill, usually hanging out atop or at the bottom with a “great job, do it again” profile, in which our coaches lap with their group/athletes at all times so there’s constant attention and focus as to the plan.  Most coaches also “coach” by only providing a reactive glimpse as to an athlete’s run and while we can react, there’s a planned progression.  Our coaches meet ahead of time to set up, and then daily and repeatedly remind the athletes throughout the training block to ensure that the athletes can make positive changes in their skiing.  As you know, it’s adherence to the process, that takes care of a better result, yet the process needs to have a defined progression of learning, rather than random pointers when the kid finishes a training run.
In addition, I’ve attached an evaluation used at summer camp for one of my athletes (thus I’m allowed to share it), but it’s representative of the depth and breadth that our camps use, in which to help create a cleaner and easier path towards an athlete’s potentials in this sport.
The last part about Edry’s coaches, this is what we do… I’d rather not compare coaches to other camps, yet Edry has put together a group of coaches who coach for a living.  Most of us, worked with Edry at a ski academy, thus the familiarity is one thing,… the direction on hill blows it out of the park!
For Summer, we’re headed to Hood and Saas Fee.  Hood we usually have Lanes 2 or 3 on Palmer, and one on Celeb.  They offer the longest, and most consistent fall-lane.  At Hood, kids can also test equipment, thus we as coaches can help with this process, and provide evaluations as to what we feel is the best option for their particular type of skiing, as to what to buy (size, radius, brand, etc).  If you look at the eval attachment, Charlotte was on a 145cm SL and a 152cm GS, which based upon my thoughts, her testing, and her confidence and power, we moved her to a 155cm slalom and a 176cm GS and kills both!  Parents thought I was nuts Pat to move her that much, and even went back to their coach from the previous year.  Point is, the camp takes the time to really evaluate the best equipment for each athlete.
Another thought, is the Copper Camp, which we do at Thanksgiving.  Similar to Hood, we’ve been going for so many years to Copper that Edry has the first request for lane space and times of training.  In fact, we know our lanes and time in October thus a 9am lane and a lane right after lunch, and for those who know Copper, Upper and Lower far left and Lower Middle for all of our GS training, and then a few lanes on the downhill for SL, skiers far right on Onno Bowl.  This offers us the best track, conditions, appropriate pitch to-age-class-specific-training, and the best light.  Insane when I watch other camps trying to navigate injected snow on the downhill, with U14’s, who are trying to survive, rather than learning anything.  Our lanes are appropriate for the age-class and level of skier, thus they learn!
The beauty of Copper, is that parents can attend, in which the family stays locally, thus the athlete meets their group at 7am for breakfast, video and then train all day before returning to their parents after the 2nd session on snow.  They can also join us for the post-training fun with indoor wallyball, snowsports or yoga.  For families who don’t travel with their children, we offer a full-boarding option and offer chaperoned flights (Boston, Hartford and NYC), then 24/7 supervision with condos and all meals.  We run a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday evening, complete with an awards presentation.  The camp is sponsored by SYNC, Rossignol, Head, POC and others, thus really cool swag and stuff for all.
Anyway, doesn’t scratch the surface, but it would be great if you could promote the camp to your athletes and families.
Let me know if any questions and thank you for your support.
c: 608-234-8940

John Borwick
Head Alpine Coach – (NEPSAC / USSA / FIS)
245 North Undermountain Road, Sheffield, Ma 01257  
———- Forwarded message ———
From: John Borwick <>
Date: Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 7:40 PM
Subject: BSST – USSA Summer Camp Options 2019
To: Berkshire Ski Team, SkiParents
To:  BSST USSA Athletes and Families 
Re: Summer Ski Camps
Hello all,
While seemingly a bit early, we wanted to update you all regarding the on-snow Summer camps, and the early bird discount opportunities! 
For the benefit of the BSST, we have two camp options for the Summer of 2019!   We recognize that your time over the summer quickly fills up with SAT tutors, lacrosse camp, trips with mom and dad, summer reading….thus our two camp options occur at different times in the summer, thus something may work for your schedule !
Like all things in life, the more anyone works on their craft, the greater chances they will find successes in that field.  The basis is that any additional time on snow, and in a fun and progressive teaching environment, is the cornerstone of forward development in this sport.
US Elite Camps – USA –
  • Location:  Mt Hood, Oregon
  • 2019 Dates  
  • June 25th through July 5th (8 days on snow)  
  • June 25th through July 10th  (12 days on snow).
  • All-inclusive – transportation from/to PDX Airport, Lodging, Food, Coaching, Training, Lift Tickets and a day of White Water Rafting.
US Elite Camps – Switzerland –
  • Location:  Saas Fee, Switzerland
  • 2019 Dates:
  • July 23rd through August 6th  (10 days on snow).
  • All-inclusive – transportation to Saas Fee, lodging, meals, tickets, off hill, Zermatt trip, coaching and skiing.
  • Travel from US to CH organized by US Elite.  
As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in regards to these camps.  Ideally, it would be best to attend one of the summer options, and then ramp up for gate racing at the November Thanksgiving Camp.  The November project allows any athlete the ability to compete immediately following our exams, rather than trying to piece-meal training over the December break.  The reality on the latter, is that most often, your son or daughter will not get the amount of training gate time in which compete by the end of December.
Coach Borwick
c: 608-234-8940

Tristate End of the Season Celebration @ The Cashen’s! Weekend training update

Hey U16’s!

Saturday, March 9th – SG training on Upper/Lower Glade am, SL training on Race Slope pm

Feedback from last week’s speed training was that it was a success!  So now the mountain is looking to continue speed training on Glade.

Please bring GS/SG equipment for the am speed training and SL equipment for the pm.

If any U16/U19 racers are interested in helping/learning to set SL please contact Coach Pat & Coach Charles by Remind.

Saturday Night – End-of-the-Season Party @ the Cashen’s

All TS racers, coaches, crew and family members are invited:
Tri-State Pot Luck & BBQ Social and Paper Plate Awards – March 9th @ 5:30pm 
The Cashen’s will once again host the best event of the year, our Tri-State Social and Paper Plate awards!! THANK YOU CASHENS!! This is a huge undertaking and we will need all your help to make it a success. Please sign up and let us know what you will be able to bring. Thank you, Tara, for making the sign-up sheet!

Sign up Genius form click here

LOCATION – (about 20 minutes from Catamount just off Rte 23),  81 Roxbury Road | Hudson, NY 12513

Again, this is for ALL TS – U12/14/16/19 Athlete’s, family members and coaches!!
See you all there!
Sunday, March 10th – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat
In preparation for post season races, we will be sharing a course.  If there are any U16 racers who are interested in helping and learning about setting a GS course please contact Coach Pat & Coach Charles by Remind.

Parent volunteers!  We can really use your help setting up fencing in the AM and breaking it (and the course) down at 12 noon!  Please report to the pump house at the top of Lower Alley Cat when the Quad opens and again at 12 noon!

See you this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Congratulations Tristate U16’s on another great season!

Hey U16’s!

U16 Champs @ Jiminy Peak

Congratulations on finishing the season with U16 Championships this past weekend at Jiminy Peak!  Once again it was crazy weather on Sunday where it was freezing rain and then just rain!

Great job on Saturday (GS) to Clare Howard (13th), Delphine Cohen (15th), Winnie Mann (18th), Ruby Blunt (18th), Ella Keaney (33rd), Zoe Wells (35th), Maya Silver-Lewis (47th) out of a field of 62!

Sunday (SL) to Clare Howard (9th), Frannie Mann (11th), Winnie (12th), Delphine Cohen (15th), Zoe Wells, (27th), Ruby Blunt (29th), Elisabeth Hartnett (31st), Morgan Weinberg (35th), Maya Lewis-Silver (41st) out of a field of 60!

Saturday (GS) to Dax Roy (12th), Alex Gagnon (14th), Hayden Claussen (16th), Oliver Thompson (30th) out of a field of 91!

Sunday (SL) to Alex Gagnon (5th), Hayden Claussen (20th), Ryan Claffey (28th) out of a field of 90!

This weekend’s training @ Catamount

Colin Bargar & Steve Adams are planning on Speed Training from 7:30am-8:30am this Saturday.  Bring your GS skis (if you have Super G’s then bring them).  Please let Steve and Colin know ASAP if you plan on attending. 

I’ve spoken to Coach Sonia and she is welcoming any U16’s who would like to join her in working on SL clearing technique.  And Coach Mark & Coach Kenny will be at the mountain welcoming any U16’s who would like to join them and the U19’s.  Coach Charles will be at Jiminy Peak this weekend coaching for Eastern Finals and I will be at Okemo for my USSA 200 certification clinic.  Please bring both GS and SL equipment on both days.  Some of the best training happens at the end of the season when the pressure to perform is off!

Congratulations on your hard work this season!

On behalf of all the U16 coaches, I’d like to extend a hearty congrats to everyone for their hard work this past season.  We’ve seen some great improvement in every racer on the team.  Some of you really worked on your “mental game”, others were working on their carve on steeper terrain.  Some of you really improved your commitment of weight to the outside ski, while others worked on early pressure before the fall line and early release just after the fall line.  Some of you really improved your SL clearing technique while others really improved your pole plants which also helped your timing.  What is great to see is how motivated you all are and with such positive attitudes that you bring to the mountain every day of training.  It inspires us to work that much harder for you.

Thanks so much to Colin, Dusty and the race crew for all of their help bringing gates and B-netting up to the top of Lower Alley Cat and Race Slope as well as their help in setting up fencing and courses and tearing them down.

And finally a special thanks to the parents of our team.  You take care of registrations, driving up to the mountain early in the morning and late at night, you make sure that the equipment is taken care of and ready for training and races, you volunteer to set up and break down the B-netting and courses (even in the rain!).  It is your support and help that makes our program possible!

Cheers to a great season and let’s celebrate at Chris Cashen’s house on Saturday, March 9th!  An Evite will be sent with details of the party (times and what to bring)

Coach Pat : )


Tristate U16 Championships this weekend!!!

Hey U16’s!

Just a reminder that U16 Championships are this coming weekend at Jiminy Peak! Registration ends Thursday, February 21st at midnight!  For details, click here.

SL will be on Saturday and GS will be on Sunday however, the mountain may switch days depending on the weather so make sure that you bring all of your equipment just in case!  Also a reminder to have your edges sharpened and bases waxed, scraped and buffed!  Check out the hourly temperatures to give a general guide to the type of wax you should use.

Some of the parents have mentioned Patrick’s pub in Pittsfield for dinner on Saturday night (like we did last year).  Perhaps someone could take charge of this?  
Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!
Coach Pat
“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Congratulations Tristate U16’s @ Bousquet SL!!!

Congratulations to all of our racers who raced at Bousquet last weekend!

Special recognition of Alex Gagnon on his podium 3rd place finish and Yanni Schattman on his 5th place finish!  What a great day of racing as we had 3 boys finish top 20 (Alex Gagnon, Yanni Schattman & Greg Levin) and 3 girls finish top 20 (Clare Howard, Delphine Cohen & Frannie Mann), and great improvement from all of our racers!  Just in time for Tristate Champs @ Jiminy on 2/23 (SL).

Keep up the great work!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16’s (and U19’s) parallel paneled SL training Sat/Blandford parallel paneled SL make up race Sun

Hey U16’s (and U19’s)!

Saturday, February 16 – parallel paneled SL Training on Race Slope

We will be training SL on Saturday. Please warm up at the Quad @ 8:25am as a group and head up for your warm up run and swing by to inspect the course when it’s ready.  If any racer is interested in helping Charles and I set the course, please contact me asap on Remind!  We’ll take 2 racers with us to help set our course.

Sunday, February 17 – make up parallel paneled SL Race @ Blandford

Registration ends tonight @ 11pm!  Click here for details:

Race Day registration starts at 7:00am usually in the lodge to the left (as you face the mountain).  Let’s meet in the main lodge to the right where the cafeteria is located.

If you’d like to stay overnight before the race, there’s a Holiday Inn Express in Westfield that has hot breakfast and a pool!

TSARA U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak on Saturday 2/23 & Sunday 2/24

Registration is now open on and ends at midnight on Thursday, February 21.  Click here for details:

There may be some training opportunities @ Catamount from 2/18-2/22!  – Please see Steve Adams

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16’s Bousquet SL & Weekend Update!

Hey U16’s!

Saturday, February 9 – Bousquet SL

Just a reminder that registration ends at noon tomorrow!  Make sure to register at Here’s the info for the race!  bousquetSLRaceInfoSheet2019.  Let’s meet up on the upper floor where registration is.

Sunday, February 10th – GS Training on Lower Alley Cat

In preparation for the U16 Championships @ Jiminy Peak (GS on 2/24), we will train GS on Lower Alley Cat.  Make sure to remove your chin guard and bring your GS skis/poles!  Please meet Coach Charles at the Quad at 8:25am sharp to warm up.

I’ve been very disheartened in our racers’ tardiness these past few weeks.  The coaches and I work extremely hard at getting to the mountain earlier so that we can make the most of our limited training window on Lower Alley Cat (gate training ends @ 12 noon)  If you truly love what we do, get your racers to the mountain on time and make sure your racers are out at the Quad at 8:25am!!!

Parent volunteers!  We can really use your help with rolling B-Netting at 12 noon!  Please report to the pump house at the top of Lower Alley Cat at 12 noon!

See you this weekend!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 Wachusett GS race & weekend training update!

Hey U16’s!

Wachusett Mountain GS

Another great GS race at the Wachusett Mountain last Sunday for Team Catamount!  Congratulations to Alex Gagnon for his 7th place finish, Greg Levin for his 10th place finish and Clare Howard for her 8th place finish for U16’s!

GS & SL training this weekend

This Saturday we will be training GS on Lower Alley CatSunday we will be training SL on Lower Alley Cat in preparation for our SL race next Saturday @ Bousquet.  Please be ready to meet your coach at the Quad @ 8:25am on both days!  Please bring your GS & SL skis and equipment for the weekend.

Jiminy Peak U19 SL & GS

Any U16 going to this race should pair up or inspect in groups and check in with Coach Mark and/or Coach Ken at different key spots in the course.  Since you will be missing SL training, have a goal for the day; race and free ski with a purpose.

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 & U19 Paneled SL @ Blandford postponed to 2/17! GS training Saturday and GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday!

Hey Parents and Racers!

Blandford Race on Monday

I emailed Coach Gretchen Sonju, the Tristate U16 Chair and Bill Scherpa from Blandford to ask about the timing of the cancellation.  Unfortunately, races cannot be cancelled ahead of schedule and the race jury must be present on site to make that determination (in this case they were at the mtn at 7am).  In the future, they will consider delaying the registration so that more people can get the message of cancellation/postponement in time.  (Unfortunately it wouldn’t have helped me as Hayden and I left White Plains at 5am!)  The race has been postponed to Sunday, February 17th.

GS training Saturday on Lower Alley Cat

Please bring your GS gear and meet with your coach (TBA) at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  Timing will be set up and we’ll see who’s Queen/King of the Hill for the day!

GS race @ Wachusett Mtn Sunday

Be sure to register before midnight on Thursday!  There is NO late or walk-in registration offered.  Check in begins at 7:30am.  Please click here for race day details.  Many of the racers and their families will be staying at the DoubleTree in Leominster (15min from the mtn) on Saturday night.  Bring your swimsuit as it has a pool!

See you at the mountain!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

Tristate U16 & U19’s Sunday training & Monday race update!

Hey U16 & U19 racers and parents!

With the impending weather, formal training tomorrow is likely to be cancelled.  Instead, Coach Charles has generously offered (who are we kidding???  he’s there for the fresh pow!!!) to meet any racers at 9am to freeski and learn to make patience turns in the powder.

I’ve contacted Bill Scherpa from Blandford for more information regarding the impending temperatures for the race.  Monday’s race has been postponed to 10am START!!!  Registration is still at 7:30am, inspection begins @ 8am.  I will let you know if there are any other changes to the race.

Great practice today everyone!  We saw some awesome skiing (and double punching!) from EVERYONE!!!

Ski you later,

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”