U19+ Race Announcements: Bousquet 2/23 and Berkshire East 3/8

Hey all! This is from Mark Colman, our resident Tristate U19+ Chair:

To U19+ Athletes, Parents and Coaches:

A reminder that the final qualifying race of the season is this Sunday 2/23 at Bousquet, and this will be your last chance to improve your standings. The program is attached and on the Tri-State website. Please check that you’re registered before the late fee applies Thursday at noon.



As previously mentioned, due to the many race re-schedulings and some field size limits, qualification for the U19+ Eastern Finals at Gore (March 19-22) will now be based on the best 2 results, not 3. Preliminary rankings including the Blandford Parallel SL are attached and posted on the Tri-State website. While PSL is not scored for USSS points this season, we used it for internal ranking purposes since Gore plans to include a PSL event. 


Tri-State has 42 guaranteed quota spots, which will be equally split by gender. We typically receive another dozen spots, so some alternates should be included. Final rankings will be posted early next week, with a confirmation requested by March 2. Team jackets (picture attached) will also be available for ordering. 

Looking ahead, Berkshire East will be hosting an open SL race on Sunday March 8. While this isn’t a qualifier for the post-season, it is scored and will be a great chance to stay in race mode over the next month. 


Good luck and ski fast. 

Mark Colman

U19+ Competition Chair

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