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Interclub End of Season Fun Race and PotLuck Party

The official races are over but it is too soon to stop them from skiing. This weekend we will be skiing on Saturday (March 9th) and having a fun race on Sunday (March 10th). Following the race we will have awards for all kids and a Potluck Pizza party. There is a sign up so we do not just end up with cupcakes:

We will be asking for donations for gifts for your kids coaches which we will hand out at the party.

I hear the waffle bar will be making a come back thanks to the Dohrs.

Volunteers Needed Catamount IC Race

We have had a limited response to our request for volunteers. Those who have reached out thanks but we need more support for the interclub race.

Catamount host’s its Interclub Race on February 3rd. It is may be the biggest race of the season as Catamount attendance is very high.

Being able to have a home race really helps our kids as they will have the opportunity to train on the race hill and there is a large comfort factor. It is something our Tristate racers unfortunately have to live with out. Hopefully that will change next year.

Holding this race, as with all the races, is dependent on volunteers. Many of these volunteers you may never see such as the Chief of Race and Referees, which require certification, but many of the positions rely on parent volunteers.

Right now I am drawing up the volunteer lists: We will need people to act as gatekeepers, run scoreboard, registration, take bibs and set up the awards. You do not have to have any experience. We will also provide written instructions to Gate Keepers.

Please help recruit your fellow parents. The more people we have the better the race will be and we can break things down into shorter shifts.

please contact me at
Peter Chudy

Message from Catamount Parents Association

I have delayed the start of the year messages given some significant changes that have developed. I hope you have seen the email from the new owners regarding the status of changes at Catamount. As many of you know the events of last week were not well communicated which was not the intention.

This Sunday, Tom, Rich and Jim Schafer will address the parents at noon. Transitions are painful but I have strong confidence that Catamount and especially racing will make great strides. Let us not forget how difficult this business is. Blandford folded and did not open last year. Luckily, Butternut’s ownership stepped in and they are back. Bousquet is for sale and only just opened. For the last two years our race league has had to make massive scheduling changes do to aging infrastructure at the Ski Areas. I will not that Berkshire East has stepped in to ensure races occurred. That is no small task.

As you can see from their message our new owners are very committed to racing and their family has a very strong racing history. We were looking to get lower Alley Cat homologated for TriState racing this year when the transaction occurred. It was going to take an exceptional approval to pass it for SL. This was held back over concerns on the trails narrowness and safety. There was not enough time to make the changes for this year but now the discussion is on widening it and having it homologated for FIS races from top to bottom. Once this happens, we will have the best race venue is TriState. (No offense to the great trail at Berkshire East)

As we deal with some immediate uncertainties, we are in the middle of race season and need to keep moving forward. We need to start planning for our Interclub race on February 3rd. This only happens with significant volunteer support from parents. We will go out with a separate request for volunteers.

We had the largest Interclub Pizza Social ever. I would like to thank Jamie Cheney for her efforts on organizing that and our new Facebook communications platform.

We held our own USSA Level 100 coaching certification managed by Mark Colman, Bruce Diamond, and Heather Dohr.

Six seasons ago that Jon Nolting came out from USSA headquarters in Park City to run a level 100 program at Catamount. In the previous few years Catamount’s Interclub program had more than doubled in size and the TriState program was expanding significantly. We were struggling to find experienced coaches and we had the Parents Association offer to pay for USSA training fees to help coaches develop skills. Over the last six years we have spent over $8,000 on coaches training. We have finally come full circle where we have three outstanding Coaches who have worked their way up to Level 300 and can manage our own in house certification

You may have heard of MAASRA being created. This is a new organization that is working to combine the efforts of Eastern and Western Mass. components of TriState. Some of this effort has been developed over the difficult negotiations related to the Piche Invitational. It has become more important as Eastern Mass has lost host mountains and has been reduced effectively to Wachusset’s large program. This year the U12/14 series will combine east and west. Unfortunately, this was also driven by certain members of CYSL looking to gain more control of the TriState Board for their narrow interest. Many Catamount coaches have been involved in the organizational discussions and this should create a strong venue for more strategic efforts related to ski racing in the State.

For those of you who are new, the Parents Association serves to support the race team. Our annual focus is on organizing volunteers for the interclub race, providing annual T-Shirts/Hats to our athletes, and the year-end Interclub awards. We have parents helping with team Jackets and other projects. We are providing Sprongo accounts for video analysis. The big strategic focus for the last few years was to host a TriState race. Clearly, this will get a jump-start from our new owners.

Please attend Sunday’s meeting and reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Peter Chudy

Catamount Race Team Jackets (Reminder)

Last reminder , Get your Jacket Orders in !  Thursday, November 1st. Final deadline

Steps on how to use the store:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Use this password in the “Organization Members” field on the right: catamountski
  3. Place your order and it will be shipped to your home!

If you are wondering about sizing – you can find the size chart here:

If you need more info about specifics for each item, you can check out their main website for the items you are interested in:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you!

NOTE: If you have any questions about your order please contact Tara Mann:  

Berkshire East Interclub Race Postponed

The Berkshire East Interclub Race will be Postponed, most likely occurring in March. There is an expectation that the Blandford Race will be cancelled. We do not have a clear understanding of the issues but Blandford was scheduled to hold a number of races this year and has been unable to open due to lift issues. this has caused a massive scheduling problem.

INTERCLUB RACE Sunday 1/21 at Butternut

Hi Everyone,

Below is the scheduled agenda for the Butternut Race Event on Sunday 1/21:

Registration 7:00 to 8:00 in the Upper Lodge, room closest main mountain

Coaches Meeting 8:00-8:15 at Timing Building

Inspection 8:15

Inspection Closes 8:50

8:50 No Movement on the Hill

Forerunner 8:55

Race Start  9:00


Please note there will be no free-skiing on the race hill during the race.  Only coaches will be able to transport jackets while side slipping down the race course to transport jackets.  Athletes and parents will be sent down to skier’s right Chute/Nuthatch Trials to get to the bottom.

Second run will begin 1 hour after first run finishes

Coffee will be served at Registration

All athletes except Butternut will get lift tickets

Parents and family lift tickets $25.00

Skillsquest will run concurrent with GS (planned morning only as necessary)

10 year old and up  will start in skills quest/6 to 9 yr old after their first run.

Athletes can do Skillsquest multiple times but should not interfere with there scheduled run.


Reminder No Day of Registration will be allowed.