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Race Team Update


It is finally starting to feel like SKI SEASON as we fast approach opening day. We wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect in the coming weeks.  We want to remind all of you again that, due to evolving COVID-19 concerns and changing weather,   plans at this time remain TENTATIVE  and are subject to change at a moment’s notice.  FLEXIBILITY remains our mantra this season.

 With over 260 athletes in our program, there are tons of  variables and things to manage, and we will get changing information out to you as soon as we have it. Please refrain from calling or emailing us with questions looking for additional information, or asking us to change things.

Plans are still moving forward with a Catamount Mountain opening day of December 19. Please note that while the mountain will be open for free-skiing  to the race team, season pass holders and the general public, on December 19,  RaceTeam Training will not take place untilDecember 26-27  –  at the earliest. As we get closer, we may have to push that dates back.  Many programs in the Northeast have  pushed their  start dates back several  weeks, and in some cases, cancelled their programs for the year. We are fortunate to have owners  and management that understand and are so passionate about ski racing, and are committed to having a season!!

Right now, the mountain does not plan to require advance reservations for season  pass holders, including the race Team and their families. We hope to be able to maintain the no reservation policy, but that may change, and we will tell you if it does.

  At the present time, we still are planning to host the Christmas camp starting on December 26.   The management   is considering moving Christmas Camp training for  some or all groups  (Devo, Interclub, and Tri-State) to 3:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m.  This schedule has not been definitively set  just yet and is dependent on a number of factors, including snow conditions, and anticipated crowds, so again,  be prepared for anything.  Please keep an eye out for emails  from Catamount and the Race Team with more and changing information. Although training during the Christmas camp may take place between 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., we anticipate that racers and their families with seasons passes will be able to arrive and free-ski on their own during regular mountain operational hours.

 We ask for full cooperation from everyone in following our rules and procedures this season. Please note that we reserve the right to send anyone home who does not follow our rules. Among our Race Team  rules are the following:

  • All  racers and coaches who come to the mountain must  register for the day  on Team Sideline before arriving at the mountain and  fill out a Covid form. Please note that management is currently working on Covid protocols and may add requirements  in addition to  registering on Sideline for the day
  • Booting up in the lodge will not be permitted. Please do so in your car. 
  • No bags will be permitted in any of the lodges

-Lodges may be accessed for brief time periods (10-15 minutes) to order food, use restrooms and to warm up

  • Eating should be outside or at your cars
  • Masks will be required at all times except for when skiing down the hill at a minimum of 14 feet away from the nearest person 
  • Maintain social distancing all times, including while on the hill and on lifts

We anticipate sending out a more comprehensive list of rules and procedures in the next few days.

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times.

We are beyond stoked to be  getting so close to getting back on the snow with you all. 

Thank you.

 Bruce & Colin

Catamount Race Team Update

12/2/2020 from Directors Bruce and Colin

Greetings Catamount Race Families,

We hope that you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

It certainly does not feel like ski season is right around the corner as we continue to experience record high temperatures, but in fact we are only a few weeks away. We know that you are anxious to begin the season and want to update you on what’s going on at the mountain. We continue to work hard to bring you a terrific season, but the reality is that despite our best efforts, there are still a lot of unknowns, as we have never been through anything like this pandemic. We all just have to be flexible as we ride through this dynamic process together.

We had hoped to open in early December, but given the long term weather forecast, that may not be possible. While we had planned  to start Interclub and Tri-State programs on the weekend of December 12-13, it is increasingly looking like the target date is now December 19-20. Devos will start sometime shortly  after Christmas. Of course, if the temperatures plummet and mountain ops can make enough  snow, that’s  all subject to change. Mountain ops continue to work hard on building cabanas around the base area, and many of you have already signed up to rent one for the season.  The Miles Humbaugh start palace has been completed , and it’s beautiful. It really is a fitting tribute to Miles and his passion for the sport.

Given restrictions forced upon us by the current Covid pandemic, we expect there will be far fewer competitions this year, which means we can shift the focus this year to training, which is a good thing for many reasons. While the kids love to race, we coaches have long felt that there was too much emphasis on racing and not enough on training, so this year provides a good opportunity for us to step up our game with more skill development.

As previously noted, this season there is a great deal of uncertainty due to the pandemic and things can change rapidly. We continue to monitor developments, including  Massachusetts/NY   travel and  other restrictions that will affect our season. Catamount is unique in that it straddles the state  border, which both complicates things, and presents opportunities. The good news is that skiing is still considered to be a low risk sport in terms of the likelihood of becoming infected  with Covid. It is  important that we all do our part to keep it that way. Before we hit the snow we will prepare and forward to all of you  a list of Covid compliance procedures that we will be following this season.

 We are continuing to stay positive as we work through these challenges with the goal of providing you with the best skiing and ski racing experience possible. We appreciate your patience as we continue to plan for what is sure to be a most unusual season.

We will continue to update you as things develop.

Let’s all think snow and get ready to rip.

Bruce & Colin

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SYNC Team Jacket Orders 2020-21

Hi Everyone!,

Don’t miss out on our 3rd round of online team jacket orders.  Click the button below  to our team store with SYNC Performance.  Select Catamount Racing from the “teams & clubs” drop down menu tab.  Then enter our password: catamount2020. Shop around, Additional gear available too!

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Ski Haus Columbus Day Sale

Ski Haus in New Milford, Connecticut  is having their annual Columbus Day Weekend Race Day this Saturday, October 10, from  4:00-7:00 p.m. Ski and boot manufacturers won’t have reps on site but  are sending samples which the athletes can check out and be fit for proper sizing. Rossignol, Atomic, and Lange  will have products there, at specially discounted USSSA racer pricing. They also stock   race suits, jackets, warm up pants, race poles, helmets, gloves, armor, goggles, and tuning equipment.   Come check it out.  Call Gary at Ski Haus 860-355-2001 with any  questions.

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online

Hi Gang,

I hope that everyone is doing ok as we all cope with the challenges of getting through this pandemic. It seems like forever since we have seen you.

Although Ski Seasons light years in the future, it really will be here before we know it. It is never too early to prepare to hit the ground in top physical and mental shape. We know that it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused, especially for those of you who are used to going to Mt. Hood or elsewhere to train on snow in the summer. Fortunately for us, our friends Doug and Kelley Lewis from Eliteam have put together a fantastic summer program to help you work hard this summer so that you can achieve your goals come this winter. I don’t know anybody who can a better job of motivating young athletes than Doug – he is simply legendary. And they are making it possible for the coaches to follow your summer training!  This is also a good way to bond through the magic of the internet with your teammates.

Please take a look at the flyer attached and if it looks worthwhile to you sing up to join Doug and Kelley this summer to achieve for optimum level of fitness. Please note the 30% discount if you sign up before May 15.  If you do decide to sign up, please let Colin and I and your other coaches know so that we will be sure to follow you.

Safe safe, be well and have a great summer.

Bruce and Colin

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online

Catamount and Berkshire East Closed for the Season

Catamount has officially announced this morning that the decision has been made to close for the season. This decision has been made by John Schaefer, and is in direct relation to recently confirmed cases of  COVID19 in our region.  In corporation with recommendations from the CDC. Catamount and Berkshire East will be closing to prevent further spread of illness.  John notes that as his father lies in the high risk demographic and would advise him against visiting either location.  As the GM of both Catamount and Berkshire East John cannot, in good conscious, recommend others visit at the risk of possible exposure.  In order to do his part the decision to close for the season has been made final.  A reopen date for summer activities will be made is the near future.

Unfortunately that does mean that the tristate training at catamount this weekend has been canceled. There will be no additional training held at Berkshire East.  We apologize for the inconvenience for those still planning to attend away events.  As this is related to the COVID19 pandemic we recommend that all of our racers and racer families stay tuned to our webpage and those of post season event mountains for any changes regarding these events that may arise.

Thank you,

Catamount Racing

Training Plans 2/28 through 3/1 (subject to changes)

Abbreviations for Clarification:
IC-Interclub RS – Race Slope SL- Slalom
TRI- Tristate                            UCS-Upper Cat Slope GS- Giant Slalom
LCS-Lower Cat Slope PASL- Parallel Slalom
UAC-Upper Alley Cat
LAC-Lower Alley Cat

FRIDAY 2/28/20
5-8:00 pm TRI-U12/14: Coach: Chris Cashen, RACE slope SL
5 -8:00 pm TRI U16/19: Coach: Bruce Diamond, CAT slope SL course
 SATURDAY  2/29/20
-EARLY LOAD -7:45am quad chair: U14 and U19 Coaches 
                         -8am double chair: IC Coaches
IC: U/L Cat Slope GS course (Some IC racers at U12 Championships GS Sundown)
TRI U12: Away – U12 Championships GS Sundown
TRI U14: UAC Skills
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: LAC GS from flats above Pump House down -Extended session 9:00-12:00
IC: U/L Cat Slope GS course (Some IC racers at U12 Championships GS Sundown)

TRI U12 : Away – U12 Championships GS Sundown
TRI U14: LAC GS from flats above Pump House down – Extended session 12:15-3:00
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: Skills – Location to be determined
 SUNDAY 3/1/20  
(EARLY LOAD, Quad Chair 8am)
IC: Away – Away Bosquet (Some IC racers at U12 Championships SL at Mt. Southington)
TRI U12: Away – U12 Championships SL Mt. Southington
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
IC:  Away – Bosquet
TRI U12 : Away – U12 Championships SL Mt. Southington
TRI U14: LAC SL and Skills (Shared hill with U19’s)
TRI U16: Away – U16 Championships Jiminy Peak
TRI U19: LAC SL and Skills a (shared hill with U14’s)

Training Schedule for 2/2, 2/22, and 2/23

Abbreviations for clarification: IC-Interclub
                                                      TRI- Tristate
                                                      UAC-Upper Alley Cat
                                                      LAC-Lower Alley Cat
                                                      UCS-Upper Cat Slope
                                                      LCS-Lower Cat Slope
                                                      SL- Slalom
                                                      GS- Giant Slalom
                                                      PASL- Parallel Slalom
FRIDAY 2/21/20
5-8:00 pm TRI-U12/14: Coach: Karin, Chris, and Shiau-Sing, Race Slope SL
5 -8:00 pm TRI U16/19: Coach: Bruce, Sonia, CAT Slope SL course

 SATURDAY  2/22/20
-EARLY LOAD -7:45 am quad chair: : U12/14 and U16-19 coaches. Also, IC coaches who
will be training w/ TRI for Championships
                          7:45 am double chair: IC Coaches
IC: Race Slope – SL drills, brushes, stubs, tall gates, etc ** NOTE: Gates, etc. must be
pulled and hill slipped completely smooth before Ripper Opens to the public at 11:30**
TRI U12 & IC who are going to Championships: UAC SL ( UAC am only, pm LAC)
TRI U14: Championships BEAST
TRI U16: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
TRI U19: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down

IC: CS (skier’s right), SL (brushes, SL and/or GS gates, skills development)
TRI U12 : LAC SL Sharing hill with U16/U19’s ( separate lanes) from ½ down pitch
TRI U14 Championships BEAST
TRI U16: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
TRI U19: LAC SL from flats above Pump House down
** LAC to be cleared and slipped completely smooth by 4:00 **

 SUNDAY 2/23 (EARLY LOAD, Quad Chair 7:45 am)
IC: Away – Away Otis
IC U8 UCS – drills, brushes, stubbies, etc.
TRI U12: LAC GS sharing course with U16’s,
TRI U16: LAC GS Sharing course with U12’s
TRI U19: Away – BSQ SL
IC:  – Away Otis
IC U8 UCS – drills, brushes, stubbies
TRI U12 : LAC GS with U16’s
TRI U16: LAC GS with U12’s
TRI U19: Away BSQ SL