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Catamount Race Team Jackets (Reminder)

Last reminder , Get your Jacket Orders in !  Thursday, November 1st. Final deadline

Steps on how to use the store:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Use this password in the “Organization Members” field on the right: catamountski
  3. Place your order and it will be shipped to your home!

If you are wondering about sizing – you can find the size chart here:

If you need more info about specifics for each item, you can check out their main website for the items you are interested in:

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you!

NOTE: If you have any questions about your order please contact Tara Mann:  

Berkshire East Interclub Race Postponed

The Berkshire East Interclub Race will be Postponed, most likely occurring in March. There is an expectation that the Blandford Race will be cancelled. We do not have a clear understanding of the issues but Blandford was scheduled to hold a number of races this year and has been unable to open due to lift issues. this has caused a massive scheduling problem.

INTERCLUB RACE Sunday 1/21 at Butternut

Hi Everyone,

Below is the scheduled agenda for the Butternut Race Event on Sunday 1/21:

Registration 7:00 to 8:00 in the Upper Lodge, room closest main mountain

Coaches Meeting 8:00-8:15 at Timing Building

Inspection 8:15

Inspection Closes 8:50

8:50 No Movement on the Hill

Forerunner 8:55

Race Start  9:00


Please note there will be no free-skiing on the race hill during the race.  Only coaches will be able to transport jackets while side slipping down the race course to transport jackets.  Athletes and parents will be sent down to skier’s right Chute/Nuthatch Trials to get to the bottom.

Second run will begin 1 hour after first run finishes

Coffee will be served at Registration

All athletes except Butternut will get lift tickets

Parents and family lift tickets $25.00

Skillsquest will run concurrent with GS (planned morning only as necessary)

10 year old and up  will start in skills quest/6 to 9 yr old after their first run.

Athletes can do Skillsquest multiple times but should not interfere with there scheduled run.


Reminder No Day of Registration will be allowed.

Interclub Year End Celebration

Yesterday may have been the last race, but its cold, they just made snow so its not over yet. This Saturday (March 11) we will have a fun skiing day followed by a celebration with awards for our racers and recognition of our dedicated coaches.

Party at 2pm-ish, PA to provide Pizza and Parents are encouraged to support the potluck. I have a sign up at:

It may have been a long season of early mornings but we encourage you to keep your kids skiing for the few weeks that are left. This is the time of the year that all those practices and drills get perfected and added to muscle memory.

Otis Recap


The excursion to the Otis SL race was attended by fewer Catamount racers (39 total) than the average turnout to this competition for the past several seasons. Do in part of course because our U8s were held in lock down at our home base. However, the day turned out to be productive for the contingent of Catamount racers who competed. Although the course set was quite cut and dry, surface conditions presented a stimulating challenge. In spite of this factor, our racers, determined as always, deciphered tactics to pass this test. A few miscalculations culminated in a total of 9 faults (DSQs & DNFs) for the two combined runs. Quite minuscule when tabulated across a total of 78 runs for our racers. Percentage wise this total amounts to 0.1%

Trips to the podium were well represented by Cat racers. Nine girls (43% of total) raced to top 5 finishes. Another 5 girls joined the podium finishers to expand results to top 10 achievements (67% of total). Boys were equally represented on the podium with 7 top honors (39% of total). Seven additional teammates earned top 10 finishes (78% of total). Mathew Glatt, who is on his way to Pische finals, added another “fastest boy” title to his dossier for the season.

With one remaining race, Bousquet GS, one of our goals should be to increase representation for this event. Our racers have demonstrated grit, tenacity, perseverance, and a desire to improve their racing prowess throughout the season. They should have the opportunity to show case their efforts and hard work. Weather permitting, two runs are scheduled for this final competition. All Aboard!


John Greaser