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Catamount Summer Adventure Camp

Catamount Adventure Camp
“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”- PlatoCatamount is introducing a new Adventure-based day camp for kids! Nestled in the Berkshires and conveniently located at Catamount Mountain Resort this summer camp is open to all kids ages 4-13! Our dedicated winter staff, that you know and love, has put together a robust outdoor adventure-based day camp. Camp includes aerial park adventures, day hikes, experiential learning, wilderness skills, team building, arts & crafts, and sports & water fun!Together with the entire mountain at our fingertips, coupled with our creative team and your children’s imagination, we will enjoy an array of activities and experiences that will change on a weekly basis through mountainside fun and adventure! Camp will run 7 weeks, July 12, 2021 – August 27, 2021, Monday – Friday, 9-3(each week is a session)Registration Options1 week sessions at a time$275.002 week sessions at a time$525.00 ($262.50 per week)Full 7 weeks $1750.00 ($250 per week)Spaces are limited, early registration is suggested. 
Please email for more information or to register.

This camp must comply with the regulations of the MDPH & be licensed by the LBOH.

Boys Age 12-14 spots available for Elite Training Camp at Killington!

Team Catamount, 
We have a few spots of boys ages 12-14 for our Inperson ELITEAM camp on July 18-23rd at Killington Mtn School. Going to be awesome with lots of workouts, learning about physiology, psychology and nutrition, tramps, hiking, games, and FUN!!!
Sign up soon as we only have a few available spots left!!
Make a commitment to become tougher strong fitter faster all while having FUN this Summer!

3/10/21 Latest Racing Updates from Bruce and Colin

Greetings Catamount Race Families,

Despite the slow start of cold weather, the ever-present Covid-19 concerns, and unprecedented lift lines, this has been a truly amazing and memorable season for the Catamount Ski Team. The season that we feared might not happen turned out to be nothing short of spectacular and a welcome respite from turbulent times shaking the world. The limited race schedule has enabled our athletes to focus on skill development, and the results have been remarkable.  We’ve been blessed by consistently cold temperatures for the last six or eight weeks, and Mountain Ops have done a great job of pumping out and grooming the snow. We are grateful that management and ownership have allowed us to extend the season beyond when we normally wrap things up. As of right now, we don’t have a definitive last date, as we will continue to make training opportunities available  for  as long as we have sufficient snow, interest from the kids, and coaches able to staff training.

We want to share with you some of the plans that Catamount is working on for the 2021-2022 season.  For starters, as soon as the snow melts Mountain Ops will begin work on installing a new triple chair to replace the former Glade Chair. The new lift, and hopefully the elimination of Covid-19 social distance mandates, should go a long way toward eliminating the long lift lines that we experienced this year. Our owner,  Jim Schaefer and GM,  Mark Smith,   are also busy designing a  new dedicated  Race Arena. Preliminary plans are to cut a new 300-400 foot wide trail that will run from below Sidewinder toward the lower snow making ponds and the bottom of the Zipline. The Race Arena will be serviced by a dedicated lift which will be either a T-Bar or a chairlift. The mountain also plans to have a new snow tubing park operational by next season. We also expect continued expansion of snow making operations to ensure more consistent and better snow. We will update you over the off-season as plans develop and are implemented.

 We are anticipating another terrific weekend, with fast skiing and happy kids.  

As we head into these final few weeks we’d like to pass along a few reminders:

  1. Training typically starts with chairlift loads for the Interclub and Tri-State kids and coaches at 7:30 a.m. We do this to minimize the impact of the crowds and to maximize the benefits of training on the snow. We ask that you make every effort to get your athletes out on the lift at the early load time so that they can free ski and inspect the training courses. Inspection is vital to enhancing training benefits and for the safety of the athletes.  Courses typically are set and ready for inspection by 8:30 a.m.  It is disruptive to the kids who show up on time when others arrive late and we have to halt training so that they can inspect. Please make sure that your athletes are on time and fully prepared to roll.
  2. All athletes are asked to refrain from skiing fast in bunched up packs. All athletes are reminded to ski in control and to maintain a safe distance from others in their groups and the general public.
  3. Athletes are not permitted to cut the lift-lines. We have received numerous complaints from the public and reports from management about athletes who are cutting lift lines and disrespecting the public. We know that the lift lines can seem unbearable at times, but we have to make every effort to be patient as we share the lifts with the skiing public.
  4. Please keep in mind at all times that very member of the Catamount Race Team represents the mountain, as well as the sport that we all love. It is our responsibility as athletes, race parents, and coaches to show respect to the public and our peers, and to be good role models to each of our fellow Catamount Ski Team members.
  5. Team Work Makes the Dream Work!  All athletes are required to assist the coaches after practice in pulling and slipping the courses, and neatly storing the equipment. After a proper slip, all the ruts should be eliminated from the training venue. It is also imperative that all athletes follow the instructions of the coaches to either skirt or pull Bnet after training. In the past few weeks we’ve had an increasing number of athletes who leave before the work is done, and some who have flat out refused to pitch in when directed to do so by the coaches. No athlete should leave training until all of these housekeeping chores are completed and he/she has been excused by the coach. We ask that all of our race parents discuss this obligation with your children, and that you speak directly with the coaches if you want your child to leave before these tasks are completed.
  6. As always this year, athletes and coaches should continue to maintain proper social distancing and wear masks at all times.
  7. At the conclusion of training this Sunday afternoon, we will be pulling Bnet from Alley Cat, inspecting it, rolling it and storing it for the off-season.  All Tri-State athletes and coaches are required to assist the Race Crew in this effort. We are also asking all parents of Tri-State athletes to join the effort. We will notify you of the exact time later, but we are anticipating it will be around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.

Thanks to all of the kids, parents, coaches, race crew, and staff who have worked so hard to make this a season for the ages.

 We are super stoked for the upcoming weekend and some wonderful spring skiing days in the coming weeks.

                      Bruce & Colin

Race Team Update


It is finally starting to feel like SKI SEASON as we fast approach opening day. We wanted to give you a heads up of what to expect in the coming weeks.  We want to remind all of you again that, due to evolving COVID-19 concerns and changing weather,   plans at this time remain TENTATIVE  and are subject to change at a moment’s notice.  FLEXIBILITY remains our mantra this season.

 With over 260 athletes in our program, there are tons of  variables and things to manage, and we will get changing information out to you as soon as we have it. Please refrain from calling or emailing us with questions looking for additional information, or asking us to change things.

Plans are still moving forward with a Catamount Mountain opening day of December 19. Please note that while the mountain will be open for free-skiing  to the race team, season pass holders and the general public, on December 19,  RaceTeam Training will not take place untilDecember 26-27  –  at the earliest. As we get closer, we may have to push that dates back.  Many programs in the Northeast have  pushed their  start dates back several  weeks, and in some cases, cancelled their programs for the year. We are fortunate to have owners  and management that understand and are so passionate about ski racing, and are committed to having a season!!

Right now, the mountain does not plan to require advance reservations for season  pass holders, including the race Team and their families. We hope to be able to maintain the no reservation policy, but that may change, and we will tell you if it does.

  At the present time, we still are planning to host the Christmas camp starting on December 26.   The management   is considering moving Christmas Camp training for  some or all groups  (Devo, Interclub, and Tri-State) to 3:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m.  This schedule has not been definitively set  just yet and is dependent on a number of factors, including snow conditions, and anticipated crowds, so again,  be prepared for anything.  Please keep an eye out for emails  from Catamount and the Race Team with more and changing information. Although training during the Christmas camp may take place between 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., we anticipate that racers and their families with seasons passes will be able to arrive and free-ski on their own during regular mountain operational hours.

 We ask for full cooperation from everyone in following our rules and procedures this season. Please note that we reserve the right to send anyone home who does not follow our rules. Among our Race Team  rules are the following:

  • All  racers and coaches who come to the mountain must  register for the day  on Team Sideline before arriving at the mountain and  fill out a Covid form. Please note that management is currently working on Covid protocols and may add requirements  in addition to  registering on Sideline for the day
  • Booting up in the lodge will not be permitted. Please do so in your car. 
  • No bags will be permitted in any of the lodges

-Lodges may be accessed for brief time periods (10-15 minutes) to order food, use restrooms and to warm up

  • Eating should be outside or at your cars
  • Masks will be required at all times except for when skiing down the hill at a minimum of 14 feet away from the nearest person 
  • Maintain social distancing all times, including while on the hill and on lifts

We anticipate sending out a more comprehensive list of rules and procedures in the next few days.

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate through these challenging times.

We are beyond stoked to be  getting so close to getting back on the snow with you all. 

Thank you.

 Bruce & Colin

Catamount Race Team Update

12/2/2020 from Directors Bruce and Colin

Greetings Catamount Race Families,

We hope that you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 

It certainly does not feel like ski season is right around the corner as we continue to experience record high temperatures, but in fact we are only a few weeks away. We know that you are anxious to begin the season and want to update you on what’s going on at the mountain. We continue to work hard to bring you a terrific season, but the reality is that despite our best efforts, there are still a lot of unknowns, as we have never been through anything like this pandemic. We all just have to be flexible as we ride through this dynamic process together.

We had hoped to open in early December, but given the long term weather forecast, that may not be possible. While we had planned  to start Interclub and Tri-State programs on the weekend of December 12-13, it is increasingly looking like the target date is now December 19-20. Devos will start sometime shortly  after Christmas. Of course, if the temperatures plummet and mountain ops can make enough  snow, that’s  all subject to change. Mountain ops continue to work hard on building cabanas around the base area, and many of you have already signed up to rent one for the season.  The Miles Humbaugh start palace has been completed , and it’s beautiful. It really is a fitting tribute to Miles and his passion for the sport.

Given restrictions forced upon us by the current Covid pandemic, we expect there will be far fewer competitions this year, which means we can shift the focus this year to training, which is a good thing for many reasons. While the kids love to race, we coaches have long felt that there was too much emphasis on racing and not enough on training, so this year provides a good opportunity for us to step up our game with more skill development.

As previously noted, this season there is a great deal of uncertainty due to the pandemic and things can change rapidly. We continue to monitor developments, including  Massachusetts/NY   travel and  other restrictions that will affect our season. Catamount is unique in that it straddles the state  border, which both complicates things, and presents opportunities. The good news is that skiing is still considered to be a low risk sport in terms of the likelihood of becoming infected  with Covid. It is  important that we all do our part to keep it that way. Before we hit the snow we will prepare and forward to all of you  a list of Covid compliance procedures that we will be following this season.

 We are continuing to stay positive as we work through these challenges with the goal of providing you with the best skiing and ski racing experience possible. We appreciate your patience as we continue to plan for what is sure to be a most unusual season.

We will continue to update you as things develop.

Let’s all think snow and get ready to rip.

Bruce & Colin

Order Team Jackets Online!

SYNC Team Jacket Orders 2020-21

Hi Everyone!,

Don’t miss out on our 3rd round of online team jacket orders.  Click the button below  to our team store with SYNC Performance.  Select Catamount Racing from the “teams & clubs” drop down menu tab.  Then enter our password: catamount2020. Shop around, Additional gear available too!

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Upcoming Registration Deadlines

Hello Catamount Race Families-This is a reminder for 2 important upcoming deadlines. The early bird prices for registration go up on October 31st. 

You will be able to either pay in full, or pay 50% now, and the remainder by December 1st for all race programs. 

For those who are experiencing financial issues and may need help to continue ski racing, can apply for a scholarship from the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund to help offset the cost of program fees.  You will find a link on the Catamount Race Team page to download the application. Please note that the deadline to submit confidential applications is by the end of today- October 15. 

The link for both can be found here:

Ski Haus Columbus Day Sale

Ski Haus in New Milford, Connecticut  is having their annual Columbus Day Weekend Race Day this Saturday, October 10, from  4:00-7:00 p.m. Ski and boot manufacturers won’t have reps on site but  are sending samples which the athletes can check out and be fit for proper sizing. Rossignol, Atomic, and Lange  will have products there, at specially discounted USSSA racer pricing. They also stock   race suits, jackets, warm up pants, race poles, helmets, gloves, armor, goggles, and tuning equipment.   Come check it out.  Call Gary at Ski Haus 860-355-2001 with any  questions.

20/21 Race Season Updates

As the season continues to draw closer, we wanted to reach out to update you on what’s new at Catamount.
REGISTRATION. For starters, registration for the upcoming season is up and running. You can log on and register at Please note that discounted rates are in effect until October 31. You can pay 50% of program fees now and 50% any time before December 1.
MILES HUMBAUGH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. Those who are experiencing financial issues and may need help to continue ski racing, can apply for a scholarship from the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund to help offset the cost of program fees. You will find a link on the Catamount Race Team page above to download the application. Please note that the deadline to submit confidential applications is October 15. Those who wish to donate to this wonderful cause may do so when they register for the season. Look for the link on the website. Thank you to Erin and Matt Humbaugh and their family for establishing this fund in loving memory of their son Miles, a beloved member of the Catamount family, who passed away this summer. Thank you also to the many people who have donated money and raised funds for the memorial fund. We are deeply grateful for the bottomless generosity of our Catamount Family.
NEW START HOUSE. We continue to plan for the upcoming season. These are ever-changing but exciting times at Catamount. Last week, the mountain broke ground on the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Start House near the top of the Catamount Slope. The start house will be a thing of wonder. It is being built on graded, elevated earth, with a rear entrance on the uphill side, into which the athletes will enter prior to firing down the hill and onto the course. Our racers will be sheltered from the elements while they wait in the start house for their turn to rip it. In addition to the interior, tunnel-like start, it will also have two exterior start ramps, and room inside for storage and an office. It will be unlike anything else in the Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing area. This jewel was made possible by the generous donations to the Miles Humbaugh Memorial Fund, the Schaefer Family, architect and race dad Mark Maljanian, Rich Herrington and Herrington’s Lumber, Race Crew member and builder John Mueller, and the efforts of the incomparable Karin Tanenbaum. Thank you all.
UPGRADES. Other notable improvements for this season are the expansion of the Glade Chairlift, and the clearing of trees to widen the slopes and improve traffic flow. If you stop by the mountain you may catch a glimpse of Colin out on the hill on a bulldozer or excavator, moving earth and removing trees.
FOOD AND DAY LODGING. We are pleased to announce that management and Mountain Ops are busy planning the construction of 50 heated bungalows throughout the base area , each capable of holding 6-8 people comfortably. The bungalows will be available for daily rental for a modest fee, in an amount to be determined as we get closer to ski season. A forward thinking solution to the anticipated COVID restrictions on lodge usage this season. We are also planning on having food trucks on hand in the parking and/or base area to feed the masses.
We will continue to update you as things change and we know more. We cannot wait to get back on the hill with all of you!
Stay safe and be well. See you on the slopes!

Bruce and Colin

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online

Hi Gang,

I hope that everyone is doing ok as we all cope with the challenges of getting through this pandemic. It seems like forever since we have seen you.

Although Ski Seasons light years in the future, it really will be here before we know it. It is never too early to prepare to hit the ground in top physical and mental shape. We know that it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused, especially for those of you who are used to going to Mt. Hood or elsewhere to train on snow in the summer. Fortunately for us, our friends Doug and Kelley Lewis from Eliteam have put together a fantastic summer program to help you work hard this summer so that you can achieve your goals come this winter. I don’t know anybody who can a better job of motivating young athletes than Doug – he is simply legendary. And they are making it possible for the coaches to follow your summer training!  This is also a good way to bond through the magic of the internet with your teammates.

Please take a look at the flyer attached and if it looks worthwhile to you sing up to join Doug and Kelley this summer to achieve for optimum level of fitness. Please note the 30% discount if you sign up before May 15.  If you do decide to sign up, please let Colin and I and your other coaches know so that we will be sure to follow you.

Safe safe, be well and have a great summer.

Bruce and Colin

Doug Lewis Elite Training Online