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Catamount Interclub Fun Race 3/10

Hi all!

Looking forward to tomorrow’s race and end of year party! Please try to arrive at mountain by 830 so we can have an accurate list of participants.

All racers should meet their coaches at the Catamount chair as usual at 9 sharp to ski and then inspect when course is ready.

We will plan on starting the race at 10. There will be 2 timed runs (run without a lunch break)

At the end of the second run, we hope that some parents and coaches will give the course a try- and will have all the racers gathered at the bottom of the course to cheer!! Maybe we can get a group photo then.

After the race, we will meet in the taconic lodge for a pizza and pot luck party/end of year interclub party with awards for all and trophies for race winners. Feel free to bring a dish, beverage, utensils, cups, or napkins to contribute to the pot luck.

We could use help tomorrow with race and party. Please check when you arrive as to how you can help.

Thanks !!

Interclub refunds and registration

Anyone who had already registered through for the Blanford race event should have received a refund on Feb. 2nd .

 The Butternut event on Saturday 3/3  will be considered a new and separate event.  If you have not already done so, you will need to register your interclub racer / racers at ASAP.  Butternut will not accept same day registrations.  

If you have not yet registered for the Otis event ( (8 and up Event Only )(training at catamount for 7 and under)) on Sunday 2/25 or Bousquet on Sunday 3/4 please do so as well.

Our Last Event on Saturday March 10th at Catamount will be a fun end of season event and there will be no registration required. Pizza party following the event.


U14 Championship Qualifiers

Thank you for waiting patiently! We finally have the names of the qualifiers for the U14 Tri-State Championships held March 3rd and 4th at Berkshire East. Congratulations to our racers for their accomplishment, we are very proud to send such a strong group of racers. From here, Eastern and Piche Qualifiers will be determined. Registration is open on

A big thanks to Doug Mann for compiling the stats for Tri-State!

Gregory Levin
Ionnis Schatmann
Alexandre Gagnon
Parker Levin
Jonathan Dase
Philip Mann
Connolly Cashen
Quentin Balboni

Charlotte Van Der Linden
Eleanor Smith
Haley Olson
Sydney Weinberg
Ruby Blunt
Georgia Maitland

First Alternate: Sorrell Reeves


Update !

Blanford has scheduled their Interclub Race event for MARCH 3RD.  Your registration will still be in effect.  If you have not completed registration for the remaining interclub events please do so now.



Catamount Racing 1/6 and 1/7

Due to extremely low temps and high winds, our Interclub Team training will be canceled on Saturday 1/6.

We will still hold Tristate Team Training on Saturday. We will incorporate more frequent breaks and extended warm up time during breaks.

Saturday’s Schedule:
U12/14 will be training Race Slope, SL

U16 Race at Berkshire East postponed, indoor video training at Catamount 12:30 noon

U19’s will have Catamount Slope for SL training

Interclub – CAT slope GS (TBD)

U12/14 and U19 AWAY RACES
U/16 – Catamount Slope on SL

IT will be incredibly cold and windy, All Training scheduling is subject to change and I will keep you all posted if I ge any other news from the mountain.

Stay Warm
Steve Adams

Bosquet 2017

Greetings IC Parents,

Bousquet Coaching Staff and a return to winter conditions provided our contingent of IC racers with an efficiently orchestrated race. Several members of our coach cadre, Mac and Doug in particular, stepped forward and contributed additional logistic support to ensure smooth sailing (racing) throughout the day.

Compared to our home-based race, fewer racers, 42 boys and 39 girls, trekked to Bousquet. Non-the-less, our racers were energized and closed out a successful season on the up beat. 17 boys (40% of total) and 14 girls (36%) achieved podium status. An additional 13 girls (70% total) and 11 boys (67% of total) completed their season with top 10 finishes.

Throughout the season our U13-15 racers provided a spark to the overall success of the team. Numerous racers from this class achieved consistent podium status. As a group (8 boys and 3 girls) they have earned the right to advance to Tri State for next season. In terms of age and overall ability prowess, they demonstrated that they are prepared to continue their development within the Tri State system. Bravo!

We also witnessed consistent podium finishes from our 11-12 girls and boys as well. Our coaching staff supports and encourages these racers to consider continuing their technical and tactical advancement at the Tri State level of competition. Parents can check with individual coaches for additional feedback. Potential age limits may be introduced on a league basis for next season stipulating an upper level age cut-off for competition. Stay tuned.

A strong turnout for our annual dual GS challenge provided a vigorous and enthusiastic ending to our race season. Thanks to everyone, racers, staff and parents who participated. As is typically the case, the smorgasbord was superb. Hopefully everyone savored the home-style waffle selection provided by the Dohr family.

In parting here are a few pearls of wisdom gleaned from the book, Mastery… by George Leonard:

“We fail to realize that mastery is not about perfection. It’s about a process, a journey. The master is the one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives. When your’re climbing a mountain, in other words, be aware that the peak is ahead, but don’t keep looking up at it. Keep your eyes on the path. And when you reach the top of the mountain (podium, finish line, promotion, etc.), as the Zen saying goes, keep on climbing.”

Please share with your racers.


John Greaser