Congratulations U16’s on SL @ Mohawk! SL & Paneled SL training Saturday and Sunday! Paneled SL Race @ Blandford on Monday!

Hey U16’s!

Congratulations on your 1st SL race at Mohawk!!!  We had a top 10 finisher in both Girl’s and Boy’s races!  Clare Howard finished 9th with a combined time of 1:57:61 and Alex Gagnon finished 9th with a combined time of 1:48:51.  Congratulations to all of our racers.  There was so much confidence in their runs and they handled the Royal Flush at the end of the 2nd run like pros!!!

Saturday – SL Training & Paneled SL Training – Lower Alley Cat 

Be prepared to train SL and Paneled SL on Lower Alley Cat on Saturday.  Please meet Coach
at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  You will warm up until the courses are ready.  Training on Lower Alley Cat will run from from about 9am – 12noon.  Single pole SL on the upper pitch of Lower Alley Cat.  Bring your forearm guards for the paneled SL at the bottom of Lower Alley Cat.

Sunday – Head to Head Paneled SL on Race Slope!

Be prepared to train Dual Paneled SL on Race Slope on Sunday.  Please meet your coach (TBA) at the Quad at 8:25am sharp!  You will warm up until the courses are ready.  Training on Race Slope will run in the AM ONLY and all parents, racers and coaches have been requested to meet with Jim Schaefer and Colin Bargar in the Taconic Lodge after the morning session for a general meeting regarding the direction of racing at Catamount.

Monday – U16/U19 Paneled SL Race @ Blandford

Just a reminder that registration for this race ends at 11pm Friday night!!!  Make sure to go to to register for the race. (the event is listed as “Ski Blandford U19 Parallel Slalom.”

Registration starts at 7:30am usually in the lodge to the left (as you face the mountain).  Let’s meet in the main lodge to the right where the cafeteria is located.  I’ve emailed Bill Sherpa from Blandford for more information about race day.

If you’d like to stay overnight before the race, there’s a Holiday Inn Express in Westfield that has hot breakfast and a pool!

See you at Catamount this weekend and at the race!

Coach Pat

“Ski fast…Take chances…”

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