Volunteers Needed Catamount IC Race

We have had a limited response to our request for volunteers. Those who have reached out thanks but we need more support for the interclub race.

Catamount host’s its Interclub Race on February 3rd. It is may be the biggest race of the season as Catamount attendance is very high.

Being able to have a home race really helps our kids as they will have the opportunity to train on the race hill and there is a large comfort factor. It is something our Tristate racers unfortunately have to live with out. Hopefully that will change next year.

Holding this race, as with all the races, is dependent on volunteers. Many of these volunteers you may never see such as the Chief of Race and Referees, which require certification, but many of the positions rely on parent volunteers.

Right now I am drawing up the volunteer lists: We will need people to act as gatekeepers, run scoreboard, registration, take bibs and set up the awards. You do not have to have any experience. We will also provide written instructions to Gate Keepers.

Please help recruit your fellow parents. The more people we have the better the race will be and we can break things down into shorter shifts.

please contact me at peterchudy@mac.com
Peter Chudy

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