Congratulations Tristate U16’s on another great season!

Hey U16’s!

U16 Champs @ Jiminy Peak

Congratulations on finishing the season with U16 Championships this past weekend at Jiminy Peak!  Once again it was crazy weather on Sunday where it was freezing rain and then just rain!

Great job on Saturday (GS) to Clare Howard (13th), Delphine Cohen (15th), Winnie Mann (18th), Ruby Blunt (18th), Ella Keaney (33rd), Zoe Wells (35th), Maya Silver-Lewis (47th) out of a field of 62!

Sunday (SL) to Clare Howard (9th), Frannie Mann (11th), Winnie (12th), Delphine Cohen (15th), Zoe Wells, (27th), Ruby Blunt (29th), Elisabeth Hartnett (31st), Morgan Weinberg (35th), Maya Lewis-Silver (41st) out of a field of 60!

Saturday (GS) to Dax Roy (12th), Alex Gagnon (14th), Hayden Claussen (16th), Oliver Thompson (30th) out of a field of 91!

Sunday (SL) to Alex Gagnon (5th), Hayden Claussen (20th), Ryan Claffey (28th) out of a field of 90!

This weekend’s training @ Catamount

Colin Bargar & Steve Adams are planning on Speed Training from 7:30am-8:30am this Saturday.  Bring your GS skis (if you have Super G’s then bring them).  Please let Steve and Colin know ASAP if you plan on attending. 

I’ve spoken to Coach Sonia and she is welcoming any U16’s who would like to join her in working on SL clearing technique.  And Coach Mark & Coach Kenny will be at the mountain welcoming any U16’s who would like to join them and the U19’s.  Coach Charles will be at Jiminy Peak this weekend coaching for Eastern Finals and I will be at Okemo for my USSA 200 certification clinic.  Please bring both GS and SL equipment on both days.  Some of the best training happens at the end of the season when the pressure to perform is off!

Congratulations on your hard work this season!

On behalf of all the U16 coaches, I’d like to extend a hearty congrats to everyone for their hard work this past season.  We’ve seen some great improvement in every racer on the team.  Some of you really worked on your “mental game”, others were working on their carve on steeper terrain.  Some of you really improved your commitment of weight to the outside ski, while others worked on early pressure before the fall line and early release just after the fall line.  Some of you really improved your SL clearing technique while others really improved your pole plants which also helped your timing.  What is great to see is how motivated you all are and with such positive attitudes that you bring to the mountain every day of training.  It inspires us to work that much harder for you.

Thanks so much to Colin, Dusty and the race crew for all of their help bringing gates and B-netting up to the top of Lower Alley Cat and Race Slope as well as their help in setting up fencing and courses and tearing them down.

And finally a special thanks to the parents of our team.  You take care of registrations, driving up to the mountain early in the morning and late at night, you make sure that the equipment is taken care of and ready for training and races, you volunteer to set up and break down the B-netting and courses (even in the rain!).  It is your support and help that makes our program possible!

Cheers to a great season and let’s celebrate at Chris Cashen’s house on Saturday, March 9th!  An Evite will be sent with details of the party (times and what to bring)

Coach Pat : )


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