Catamount Race Report


Headed for the annals of alpine ski racing, February 5, 2017, will be heralded  as a banner day on all fronts. Our course crew had the course set and ready for inspection by 8:30, missing gate judges accounted for and in place for the first run, forerunners at the start area and on course by 9:00, timing system fully operationally after a day of trial-and-error on Saturday, coaches and racers ready to go for a 9:10 first run start, no delays impeding a second run, parents cheering section fired up, Dohr family antelope stew simmering and savored by many, no protests filed, results tabulated and ready for coach review in record setting time (thanks Glen and company), award ceremony capping the end of an exciting and fun-filled day, families safely heading home with several hours of day light to navigate by.

Catamount’s IC attendance of 115 racers surpassed the previous record which stood at 105 competitors; both records were set at our home course.   Sixty two boys and 53 girls accepted the formidable GS challenge.  Aside for a few minor lapses, Catamount racers finished clean and unscathed from their experience.

Trips to the podium were equally represented by our girl and boy teams.  A total of 31 racers (29%) earned this recognition;16 girls (30%) and 15 boys (24%) respectively.  An additional 28 competitors (59 total or 51%)  turned up the heat and raced to top 10 finishes.  Separated by gender, 31 girls (58% of their total) and 28 boys (45%) demonstrated that they posses the requisite skills to advance up the ranks and avoid playing second fiddle to any and all challengers.

An equal number of classes exist for girls (7) and boys (7).  In other words, there is the opportunity for 14 racers to reach the top rung (first place honors) in their respective divisions (U7 thru U13/15).  Ten Catamount racers effectively managed their resources, e.g., attitudes, skills and tactics and definitively earned the accolade of first place  finisher.  Viewed in other terms, Catamount racers were only 29% shy of completing a sweep of first place finishes.

Posting the 2 fastest combined efforts for the day were celebrated by Catamount racers.  On the boys side of the ledger, U12 Ryan O’Claffy’s  execution  of combined skills and effort accomplished this feat.  The Glatt Bros were on a mission and close in pursuit to attain the honor.  Sydney Dohr persevered and out performed the remaining field of girls to claim overall recognition.

Training attendance and our team’s work ethic has been impeccable this season.  Factors such as these contribute to the overall enthusiasm and team achievements.  Bravo!

“If there were an instrument by which to measure desire, one could foretell achievement”-
Willa Cather

John Greaser

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